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5 Unmatched Reasons to Include Microlearning in Corporate Training [Webinar]

Professional development seems to be a high priority for today’s top talent. They want to enhance their knowledge, upskill themselves and climb to the top of the ladder…all very quickly. This has led to a shift towards faster, just-on-the go, and more easily consumable content. Organizations need to give employees what they want and deliver training sessions that are engaging, accessible, performance-driven, and that create a significant impact on their core skills. As organizations work towards creating result-oriented courses and closing skill gaps, microlearning becomes the perfect training solution in this new learning landscape.

Read this blog to uncover the reasons that makes microlearning a great corporate training solution.

Features Of Microlearning

Microlearning came into the picture to train the new-age, mobile workforce and give them the right training when they need it the most. It is an effective way to impart knowledge in small nuggets that can make a big impact on employees. It breaks down content into short segments of learning, and each segment is complete in itself. So, instead of tying employees to a rigid training structure, microlearning facilitates content that can be consumed just on the go.

The main characteristics of microlearning are:


Microlearning focuses on the needs and preferences of employees- gives them control over their training and creates a flexible and personalized learning experience.

People-Centric Nature of Microlearning

Just-In-Time Training

Microlearning comes to the rescue just in the nick of time, i.e., it is available when employees need it the most. For example, employees can quickly brush up their knowledge before an important meeting or a client pitch. By providing the required information just in time, microlearning enhances employee performance.

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It goes without saying, that microlearning offers flexibility of learning to the employees. With small and focused learning modules, it offers self-paced learning to employees at any time and on any device of their choice.

Fast and Affordable

Microlearning is cost-effective for both the organization and its employees. Organizations do not have to invest in special infrastructure like designated training rooms, travel, setup, equipment, special tools, etc. Employees also save on their travel cost and can access the training at the convenience. Therefore, microlearning is a win-win situation for everyone.

Focuses on a Single Objective

Microlearning follows a minimalistic trend and focuses on one learning objective at a time. So if you have a complex product to explain to your employees, you can break down your training into small and focused training modules, and make your learning more relevant.


Microlearning is designed to be mobile-friendly. Due to the short content size, it is easy to access on any mobile device and helps employees consume training content whenever they want.

With the changing needs of today’s workforce, the learning landscape has also changed. Microlearning solutions can address a variety of learning needs- from creating awareness to offering quick refresher bites, and creating a convenient learning experience.

Reasons That Make Microlearning Effective for Corporate Training

With microlearning, you can offer focused and bite-sized learning nuggets to enhance employee performance and thereby attain organizational objectives.

Benefits of Microlearning in Corporate Trainng

Here are some compelling reasons to choose microlearning to facilitate impactful corporate training.

1. Addresses The Challenge of Shorter Attention Span

In today’s dynamic lifestyle, it is very difficult to grasp an employee’s attention. The modern workforce comes with limited attention span, is more tech-savvy, and wants everything immediately. This creates a requirement for organizations to provide training in small modules that can be consumed anywhere and anytime. Microlearning caters to this requirement seamlessly and delivers training that is focused on a single learning objective. It creates learning nuggets in the form of videos, flashcards, animations, etc., that can hold employees’ attention and advance their capabilities.

2. Improve Learner Engagement

Microlearning is not just breaking down a 10-hour training module into smaller modules to be consumed by employees at their own pace, instead, each microlearning module is concept-specific and created to address the employees’ needs.

Each training module is crisp and concise, covers the entire topic, and is available to consume just any time. Plus, with rich media formats like images, videos, pop-ups, etc., it enables employees to engage and interact with the content and deliver the expected results.

3. Improves Performance Support

Microlearning ensures that employees make the best use of their time. Due to its mobile compatibility, shorter modules, and anytime anywhere accessibility, microlearning is perfect for delivering performance support to employees in their time of need.

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With various microlearning formats available at your disposal, you can use each one to impart specific training. For example, infographics, trailers, and videos are effective ways of introducing and creating awareness around a topic; animations and games can keep employees engaged in the training course; and creative quizzes can be used to stimulate recall and assess employees’ knowledge. All these, complemented with ease and flexibility, make microlearning the perfect choice to improve your employee’s performance.

4. Accelerates Training Process

Microlearning enables employees to learn skills faster as it breaks down lengthy training into short individual pieces of content. This offers a personalized learning experience to employees and they can access specific information in just minutes as compared to longer formats of training. This, eventually, accelerates the training process for organizations and allows training managers to provide relevant information to employees.

5. Aids Knowledge Retention

We want our employees to retain the information imparted through different training programs. But for how long? How do we deliver training to the new-age workforce with limited attention spans? Microlearning is the answer to all these questions.

Microlearning format breaks down comprehensive training module into multiple modules that last between five to ten minutes, and focuses on one single topic at a time. Further, microlearning comes in the form of GIFs, infographics, quizzes, animation, etc., which allows employees to engage with the content, retain key information, and apply it effectively at the workplace.

Microlearning also enables continuous learning, i.e., reinforcing key concepts through multiple ways, thereby minimizing the employee’s forgetting curve.

Parting Thoughts

By now, you understand the importance of implementing microlearning in your organization. Using a suitable microlearning approach, you can offer unmatched learning solutions to your employees and increase their efficiency. So, whether you are working on strengthening your employee’s customer service skills or developing a complete training plan, implementing a microlearning program can boost your training skills and enhance your business productivity.

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Designing High-Impact Microlearning, Leveraging AI Tools