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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Opt for Rapid eLearning Development

Because of increasing training needs and the dynamic nature of the business environment, training managers are on their toes to cope with that and deliver high-quality learning. To make the organization grow fast they need to work faster. The competition is fiercer than ever and losing time is not an option. That’s right! Thinking about this what comes to my mind is rapid eLearning! This innovative, effective, and time-saving learning solution can work wonders for your organization. Rapid eLearning is buzzing in the training and development industry for all the right reasons. Let’s find out!

Rapid eLearning has proved to be a trusted learning solution when it comes to delivering quality content within tight deadlines with budget constraints. Rapid eLearning focuses on need-to-know content rather than the fancies and frills. It strikes the right balance between cost, speed, and quality, the three essentials for any effective course design. It leverages rapid authoring tools to provide effective and engaging learning content.

Owing to the multitude of benefits that it offers; rapid eLearning has gained popularity among learning and development professionals. In this blog, I am going to discuss the reasons why organizations should opt for rapid eLearning. Let me give you a few reasons why you need to opt for rapid eLearning development.

Reasons to Opt for Rapid eLearning Development

1. For Quick Rollout of Courses

Training managers usually find themselves in a situation where there is a race against time to train the employees. There are many scenarios where training managers have to deal with a tight deadline to roll out courses quickly. Rapid eLearning makes it possible. Rapid eLearning significantly reduces the time taken to develop and roll out courses, ensuring that the courses are multi-device compatible. It utilizes rapid authoring tools with built-in templates and customizable themes speeding up the course development process.

Get the maximum out of rapid eLearning by following these best practices.

2. For Easy Content Updation

Due to changing tastes and preferences of customers, the products and services offered by businesses have to be updated frequently and the employees have to be kept updated on the changes. This dynamic nature of businesses requires the training content to be updated very frequently. Rapid eLearning utilizes rapid authoring tools that enable easy updates of content. One can update the existing course seamlessly without having to redesign it. So, next time you need to make any changes to the content, take help from your instructional designers, or learning and development pros to update content with the easy-to-use rapid authoring tools.

3. To Create Low-Budget Training Programs

eLearning as compared to traditional methods of training is cost-effective, now with rapid eLearning development, it’s even better. Rapid eLearning is an ideal solution when you are dealing with budget constraints and tight deadlines. Being pocket-friendly, rapid eLearning does not compromise the quality of courses. Rapid eLearning leverages rapid authoring tools that do not require advanced programming skills. Rapid eLearning helps to redesign, rebuild, and republish the existing classroom content to create digital courses, it saves you from the hassle of creating courses from scratch. This helps to utilize the existing content well and saves costs significantly.

4. For Effective Training 

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of rapid eLearning is the high-quality courses it delivers, leading to effective training. Rapid eLearning uses sound instructional design principles for course development and hence has become a trusted learning partner for training managers when it comes to making training fun and engaging even on a tight budget. You can apply instructional design strategies like gamification, storytelling, simulations, scenario-based learning, etc. to your rapid eLearning courses to make them immersive and engage your learners. Rapid eLearning ensures that courses are self-paced, flexible, add value, and are engaging.

5. To Cater to Your Modern Workforce

Modern training needs demand modern solutions. Rapid eLearning addresses modern training needs and focuses on specific and just-in-time information. It focuses on short and focused learning. It facilitates microlearning where a course can easily be broken down into bite-sized microlearning modules. These small nugget-sized learning modules are ideal for a modern workforce that comes with tight schedules and short attention spans. Rapid eLearning authoring tools help to design responsive courses that are multi-device compatible, which allows learners to access courses from anywhere and on any device at their convenience.

Ready to Say Yes to Rapid eLearning?

I am sure by now you have a strong case for rapid eLearning. Rapid eLearning checks all the boxes of being a perfect training solution. Being quick and pocket friendly, it does not compromise on the quality of content. The focus is always to create courses that engagingly provide high-quality content avoiding the bells and whistles. Also, interactive multimedia prevents cognitive load for the learners leading to higher knowledge transfer and retention. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect training solution?

If you are looking for more information on rapid eLearning, here is a guide for training managers on rapid eLearning development. Grab your copy and unlock the secrets to successful training.

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