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6 Things to Avoid in Rapid eLearning Development

Being a training manager in a fast-paced business world is a difficult job. You are expected to deliver training at lightning fast speed to minimize the time to proficiency of employees. You have to take care of all whimsical demands of stakeholders while maintaining a tight reign over the budget. Quite obviously, rapid eLearning development is your best solution to beat all these challenges.

Rapid eLearning development is the current buzz in L&D because it promises to deliver maximum impact in minimum time and cost. Between choosing the right rapid eLearning authoring tool and choosing the right outsourcing vendor, there is a ton of information about rapid eLearning on the Internet. However, most of these articles focus on ‘what to do’, ‘how to do’ and ‘why should you do it.’ Very rarely do you come across information on what not to do during rapid eLearning development.

Explore how rapid eLearning solutions offer quick results.

We believe avoiding pitfalls while going for a rapid eLearning solution is equally important in building a successful training program. After all, we don’t want your eLearning courses to become boring while you focus on speedy development. Here is an infographic to help you avoid such mistakes.

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Rapid eLearning Development: What NOT to do

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Rapid eLearning Design for Quick Rollout