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5 Reasons Why Rapid eLearning is Training Manager’s Trusted Training Solution

Are you as a training manager struggling with a tight budget and short timelines to develop and roll out courses? The business environment is ever-changing and training employees frequently on such updates is a necessity. Developing and rolling out new courses and updating courses requires time and cost. But is there a solution that will prove to be effective? The answer is Rapid eLearning.

Rapid eLearning offers learner-centric eLearning solutions with speed and scale. Also, without compromising quality and creativity. It follows instructional design without the frills and fancies taking help from the authoring tools and templates for standardization. Rapid eLearning also helps in the quick rollout of the courses which are multi-device and multi-browser compatible.

Rapid eLearning offers many benefits and all of these make it a training manager’s trusted training solution. If you are also a training manager and looking for a training solution to create effective courses within the given budget and deadlines, rapid eLearning is your go-to solution. We have listed a few reasons why it could be your favorite.

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Why Is Rapid eLearning a Training Manager’s Trusted Training Solution

Reduction in Development Time

Rapid eLearning as the name suggests offers eLearning course design and development efficiently and in the minimum time possible. Rapid eLearning could be a go-to learning strategy if organizations are struggling with deadlines and tight budgets. Rapid eLearning cuts the course development time up to 40% compared to traditional learning methods.

An organization might deal with many situations where they will be required to create and roll out courses quickly. That is where rapid learning has proved to be a trusted training solution. Rapid eLearning is ideal for short timelines as:

  • For the development of courses, it uses existing training material, that is approved by Subject Matter Experts (SME) for relevance and accuracy. Because the content is not created from the scratch it speeds up the development process.
  • It uses rapid authoring tools for course development and design. It also utilizes pre-defined templates and customizes them according to learning needs.
  • It follows robust instructional design principles, avoiding the frills and fancies. Hence, cutting down the development time.

High-Quality Training

Rapid eLearning is suitable for all kinds of training.

  • By cutting down the course design and development time, rapid eLearning can make new hire training seamless and smooth.
  • Rapid eLearning also works for product training. If you plan to train the employees on a new product or want to provide updates on existing products, rapid eLearning will help to train employees in such scenarios within a short time and limited budget.
  • While those compliance courses are mandatory, usually employees do not want to spend a lot of time on those. Create courses within a short time and keep your employees happy with the help of rapid eLearning.
  • For the dynamic sales training, updates are regular. Rapid eLearning can help you in creating bite-sized microlearning courses, mobile learning courses, videos, etc. It will help to keep the employees updated and save time too.

All of this leads to high-quality knowledge transfer while simultaneously saving cost and time to create courses.

Effective Utilization of SME’s Time

Rapid eLearning courses utilize the skills and time of SMEs efficiently. Like in traditional eLearning development SMEs provide the content to instructional designers, who then create the courses. In rapid eLearning, SMEs are usually involved at the starting and have more control over course creation and its presentation. All this leads to a more direct transfer of knowledge.

Also, SMEs are involved to check the relevance and accuracy of existing material. SMEs are involved to update the existing material as well. Such involvement of SMEs results in rolling out learner-centric courses that drive better engagement.

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Cuts Down Cost Without Compromising Quality

There is no denying that rapid eLearning saves cost. Organizations working with a limited budget have experienced the benefits of rapid eLearning.

  • Rapid eLearning reduces the development time by nearly half.
  • Rapid eLearning avoids the creation of courses from scratch by using pre-made templates and existing content.
  • Avoids the bells and whistles.

All these and many more such benefits of Rapid eLearning bring down the development cost and increase ROI. But, contrary to some misconceptions, rapid eLearning does NOT compromise the quality of the course and is here to stay. Rapid eLearning is not a temporary solution but is preferred by many organizations and it addresses some major learning needs.

Ideal for Frequent Content Updating

Because rapid eLearning helps in quicker course development and is cost-effective, it is an ideal solution to update content more frequently and easily.

There are many reasons for organizations to frequently update courses. Some of them are:

  • Revamp legacy courses to enhance utility.
  • Update outdated and obsolete.
  • Update courses for training on dynamic products and services.
  • Make courses compatible with the latest technologies.
  • Keep employees updated on current industry trends.

Because of the above-mentioned reasons, it becomes important to update the courses. Rapid eLearning is an ideal learning solution if courses require constant updating.

To Conclude

We can say that rapid eLearning is the talk of the town for a reason, actually many reasons. An organization might face many such situations where rapid eLearning will prove to be a best-fit solution. Apart from being cost-effective and time-efficient, rapid eLearning also offers flexibility and more control over the content. Sounds good? Are you also ready to say yes to rapid eLearning? Grab our eBook and find out how rapid eLearning can help training managers in rapid eLearning development.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in August 2022 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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