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5 Rapid eLearning Myths: DEBUNKED [Infographic]

Rapid eLearning has been the talk of the L&D town for quite a few months now. And it is hardly surprising considering the circumstances because of COVID-19. The lockdown has gravely impacted the corporate world forcing businesses to finally realize the value of digitalization. As for corporate training, the slow but steady migration from ILT to eLearning that has been going on for years suddenly picked up pace. Now, most organizations are looking for quick and dirty online training solutions and of course the rapid eLearning strategy is becoming the new favorite of training managers.

Explore the secret to evolving at the speed of need with rapid eLearning.

This rise in demand for rapid eLearning solutions has actually brought in a unique perspective for us. You see, after talking to many training managers like yourself, it is quite clear that while most professionals have a general overview of what rapid eLearning entails, many still hold some misconceptions about this strategy. So, why not address all these myths at once and present everyone with the facts?

If you too think that rapid eLearning is all about speed and it will compromise the quality of eLearning, or think that you are all set for implementing it just because someone in your team can work with eLearning authoring tools, this is your chance to check if those beliefs are true.

Here is an infographic highlighting the 5 main myths that surround rapid eLearning and facts to dispel those myths.

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Rapid eLearning: Face-off Between the Myths and Facts

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Rapid eLearning Design for Quick Rollout