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Why Investing in Rapid eLearning Will Transform Your Corporate Training

Organizations are always looking to deliver top-quality training to their employees but running out of time and budget seems like a forever-existing problem. Rapid eLearning is one of the best solutions to overcome this issue as it leverages the power of rapid authoring tools and new-age instructional design strategies to create engaging eLearning courses. Apart from this, there are various other benefits that it provides, and it should be safe to say that after you read this blog, your dilemma about whether you should invest in rapid eLearning will come to a positive conclusion.

Top 4 Plus Points of Investing in Rapid eLearning Solutions

1. Helps you design learner-centric courses using new-age instructional design strategies

Rapid eLearning focuses more on developing courses that are learner-centric because engaging modern learners requires more than just informative content. It incorporates new-age instructional design strategies such as simulations, scenario-based learning, storytelling, microlearning, and gamification to create interactive and engaging courses for modern learners. These strategies can effectively motivate the learners to complete the courses before deadlines. It is also advised to ensure the formative and summative assessments of these courses are equally interactive to allow maximum knowledge retention. And rapid eLearning can help you do just that — design engaging assessments.

2. Saves you a lot of time, money, and effort

Rapid eLearning uses the advanced features of modern authoring tools to create interactive and engaging courses. Authoring tools have a lot of templates, stock images, animations, and other media assets to facilitate the quick and easy development of eLearning courses, saving you a lot of time and money as you don’t have to create assets from scratch or buy them from various online asset stores. To save your efforts, it follows an agile development process so whether it’s about convincing your SMEs to invest their time or updating the existing eLearning courses, everything is managed by rapid eLearning as it follows the Successive Approximation Model (SAM).

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3. Follows responsive design principles

Nowadays, mobiles are preferred more than any other device by modern learners because of the flexibility and accessibility it provides, making mobile learning one of the most popular learning formats. Rapid eLearning keeps responsive eLearning design in mind and designs courses that are equally accessible on any device. This allows self-paced learning and makes training a rich experience.

Responsive eLearning courses also facilitate just-in-time training. For example, sales employees of a company are not present at the workplace most of the time but they might need their training resources wherever they are. Rapid eLearning can also be used to create microlearning assets for performance support and help employees stay productive at work.

4. Makes eLearning translations and content delivery easier

The output format of rapid eLearning courses is HTML5, which makes it easier to be shared across various platforms and they can be seamlessly uploaded to your LMS. The eLearning translations are also one of the most crucial requirements of global learners as learning in their native languages adds to the effectiveness of training. Rapid eLearning authoring tools come with advanced AI translation tools to make accurate and location-specific translations in no time, and thereby augment the effectiveness of training across your global workforce.

Why Outsourcing Rapid eLearning is a Smart Choice?

Though there are so many benefits of rapid eLearning which makes it rather compelling to start investing in rapid eLearning solutions, it is tricky to get everything right. If your L&D team has the required expertise and it does not add to their current workload, you can go for in-house eLearning development, but if you feel that your L&D team is not ready for it, it is advised to outsource your rapid eLearning design and development.

Outsourcing is beneficial but it comes with its own challenges, the most crucial challenge being the selection of your vendor. But once you choose your perfect vendor, your course’s design and development will be their responsibility as they brainstorm to provide you with interactive rapid eLearning courses while you can concentrate on other crucial business priorities.

A Case Study to Help you Decide Why Rapid eLearning is a Great Investment

We converted 1000+ legacy eLearning courses using the 4 Rs of Rapid eLearning

1. Training requirements and challenges

The client needed their safety training courses on electrical and electronic products, plastic materials, cables, and wires to be converted for mobile access along with their content to be updated. They wanted to train their sales executives and service technicians on the various processes, products, and safety policies. There were various challenges that we faced; the major ones were –

  • They didn’t have the source files for most of the courses.
  • The design was old-fashioned, and the content was outdated.
  • All the courses were meant to have a responsive design for both, portrait and landscape orientation.
  • Apart from the standalone courses, we were asked to build various performance support assets to provide instant information consumption.

2. Our solution

There were so many courses for conversion, so we used the 4 Rs of rapid eLearning and utilized them at their best potential to provide the desired results. We had 2 project managers, 3 project leads, and 30 developers to get the job done.

  • Record – As we discussed, there were so many courses that didn’t have the source files so we recorded their content on a separate external player in mp4 format to make it playable on all the devices. The interactivities were added later as per the requirements to enhance the engagement of modern employees.
  • Republish – There were a few courses that had the source files but were built on older versions of authoring tools and consisted of outdated content. We selected the relevant assets, updated the content with the latest information provided to us, and republished the course using the latest version of Lectora.
  • Rebuild – Again, we had Lectora to our rescue when we had to rebuild various courses with a responsive design so that they are seamlessly compatible with mobiles as well as desktops. Lectora has a feature that allows the user to publish courses that are completely responsive with a single click.
  • Redesign – For the remaining courses that were left to be redesigned, we saved their media assets and used the modern built-in templates in Lectora to make the courses visually appealing and enhanced the engagement of the modern workforce.

Wrapping Up!

Rapid eLearning can indeed help you deliver training to your global workforce with all the modern advancements and interactivities, that too quickly under a limited budget. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in rapid eLearning solutions and maximize your training ROI as well as enhance the productivity of your employees at work. To help you get started with rapid eLearning, we have the perfect eBook, get your copy now and see the difference.

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