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The Top 5 Websites to Keep You on Top of the Corporate Training Game

The world is moving forward, and eLearning is no exception. Industry gurus release interesting articles, case studies, and research reports online every day. It’s no cakewalk keeping up to date with market developments and emerging trends. But you can follow the top eLearning websites and blogs for in depth insights into corporate training know-how. Many L&D leaders want to share their experiences and provide insightful guidance on the challenges they face. How do you weed through extensive information and identify the most useful resources online with so much to choose from?

A brief browse online reveals that there’s no limit to the quantity of advice available on how to improve a variety of skills. This is true of eLearning as well. You can sift through hundreds of blogs, articles, and how-to sites and yield a wealth of practical knowledge. This requires you read through wide-ranging content on these websites whose writers make it their job to keep up with what’s going on in the eLearning dimension and evaluate new ideas and advancements to help you end your corporate training woes.

Online research is a valuable exercise that keeps you informed and saves time. It also provides plenty of food for thought. We’ve collected a list of the best eLearning websites to help you learn and grow.

Top 5 eLearning Websites for Solving Your Corporate Training Woes

1. eLearning Industry

The eLearning Industry is the largest online network of L&D influencers in the world. With 350+ authors and over 90 unique articles released each month, this website produces original content that’s curated by the Instructional Design and eLearning Professional Group’s founder and owner, Christopher Pappas. It’s a daily source of how-tos specifically designed for eLearning professionals seeking professional advice, tools, and ideas to build their eLearning expertise. It’s a prominent platform that provides eLearning specialists with inspiring, industry-specific content. As one of the biggest eLearning communities, it empowers corporate training organizations with a variety of advanced online marketing techniques that helps them grow.

A variety of authors write and post articles for the eLearning Industry website and they present the most up-to-date information and news for L&D enthusiasts around the globe. While its eBooks and seminars give useful eLearning advice and techniques, it also provides information on the best eLearning content providers, LMS software, and authoring tools. The eLearning industry website offers a diverse range of data on eLearning.

2. Training Industry

The Training Industry is one of the most reliable sources of information of the L&D (learning and development) industry. It focuses on meeting the demands of L&D professionals. Its goal is to deliver the information, insights, and tools needed to better manage eLearning companies.

It’s an efficient resource for L&D professionals seeking information on best practices and innovative approaches. It’s also a place where L&D professionals and experts from the training industry share information and build an online community. 

The training industry seeks to provide eLearning professionals with relevant knowledge. This includes articles, magazines, news releases, research reports, webinars, leading training companies’ information, and reference material on topics, like compliance, content development, IT, technical training, learning services and outsourcing.

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3. The Association for Talent Development (ATD)

The ATD (Association for Talent Development) is well-known for its extensive resources and development of design talent. Its website posts blogs every day apart from the weekends, each of which outlines working knowledge for eLearning professionals. Karl Kapp and Patti Shank, two well-known industry specialists, produce high-quality blogs and articles for the ATD website. Their content is well-known in the industry for its extensive, well-researched resources and commitment to the development of design talent. With ATD, you can sharpen your training skills by engaging in updated virtual presentations and captivating visual resources on a weekly basis. You can also refresh your skills while meeting people in the field and engaging in virtual sessions.

ATD’s eLearning blogs focus on talent development and training, as the association offers courses and opportunities for HR managers and L&D professionals to get qualified. You can find a plethora of categories organizing their online content into solutions, themes, jobs, and industries. They are addressing learning and development issues for a variety of business sectors.

4. Chief Learning Officer

According to their website, Chief Learning Officer is a “multimedia periodical focused on the importance, advantages, and advances of a properly trained workforce.” It’s an essential resource that covers subjects, such as leadership, training delivery, and strategy.

It also provides L&D leaders with more than 30 private seminars at the CLO Symposium which include stories from innovative leaders of top-ranked global organizations on topics such as:

  • Cultural immersion
  • Competency training
  • Skills-based learning
  • Change management
  • Experiential learning
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

And webinars on topics such as:

  • New Gamification Strategies
  • 3 Key L&D Trends of 2022
  • Building Blended Learning to Power Up Performance

They also host a virtual mini-event series called Breakfast Club hosted by Chief Learning Officer and Talent Management. The event aims at connecting leaders over breakfast to strengthen the link between L&D and business strategy. It features top CLOs and learning and talent leaders discussing today’s most pressing workforce and talent development issues.

They also have a vast collection of recent publications, whitepapers, webinars, and events to ensure that you are up to speed with all you need to know to stay on top of your game.

Parting Gift – Bonus!

If you like our list of the best eLearning websites, you can also check out Forbes, which has always been a great resource for business owners, CEOs, and C-suite executives. Forbes editors and writers present information that is well-researched, current, and enjoyable to read. They include sections on eLearning, microlearning, blended learning, onboarding, and corporate training, all with real-life examples.

These eLearning websites offer you profitable information and increase your ability to gain up to date information on the latest developments in eLearning and instructional design trends. In the Comments area below, let us know which one is your favorite or if there’s one, we missed. While these are the top five corporate training websites, in our estimation, they’re only the tip of the proverbial iceberg of online content out there today.

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