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4 Reasons to Crown Rapid eLearning the Champion of Corporate Training [Infographic]

Rapid eLearning! Rapid eLearning!! The entire L&D world is abuzz with rapid eLearning, and you don’t have to look far for the reason why.

In the time when eLearning itself was fighting hard to be used on par with conventional classroom training in organizations, there came an unforeseen, unimaginable crisis – COVID 19 – that turned the entire world upside down within days. And corporate training was no exception.

Explore how to design effective virtual classroom training sessions.

With the new normal of most employees working from home, classroom training was no longer a viable option, at least for the foreseeable present. All planned training initiatives, especially those involving face-to-face training, went for a toss.

So, organizations had no other choice except to go for digital modes of training. And those organizations that relied entirely on classroom training were the hardest hit and were left scrambling for training solutions that could be created and delivered rapidly to their suddenly remote workforce to enable continuous learning.

Going for conventional eLearning would mean a wait of at least six to eight weeks for a
30- minute course.

And then came the budget cuts, because businesses needed to survive.

That set the stage for (drum roll) – you’ve guessed it. Rapid eLearning!

And boy, did rapid eLearning prove itself during these testing times. It has proved to be a champion in the corporate training domain.

Rapid eLearning has changed the entire eLearning topography, delivering business results rapidly in the face of tight budgets and tighter deadlines. Compared to conventional eLearning, rapid eLearning cuts course design and development time by almost 40%

And contrary to common misconceptions, rapid eLearning is not a temporary solution for times of crises. It is a robust process that addresses major training needs. With COVID-19 showing no signs of departing anytime soon, 44% of global companies are going for eLearning and virtual employee training.

And if you need any more convincing, here’s an infographic that spells out 4 reasons to crown rapid eLearning the champion of corporate training.

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