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How Microlearning Videos Can Be Your Best Ally for Corporate Training Delivery

Picture this. A busy day at work. Back-to-back meetings. And it is the last day to finish your pre-scheduled training which requires you to make time for a two-hour-long eLearning course. Do you feel motivated to take up the course? No, right? Let’s examine the possible reasons. It could be the lack of time, earlier experience of a long and boring session, or the limited accessibility of the eLearning course. What if the course is split into short modules, presented in an interesting format and you are given the freedom to take up the course at your convenience alongside work? Sounds convincing, right? Well, all of this is possible with microlearning videos. Read the blog to explore the benefits of microlearning videos and how they can help in delivering a variety of training.

What are Microlearning Videos?

Microlearning videos are short snackable learning bites that are highly effective in delivering the desirable content and can be used in a variety of training. These videos can be used in many ways to cater to a variety of learning needs across the learning journey. They can be used to —

  • Grab learners’ attention on upcoming courses
  • Spread awareness about course content in the form of teaser videos
  • Summarize learning and used as performance support tools
  • Feature key learning elements in the course at strategic points in the learning path

→ Download Infographic: Microlearning to Skyrocket Your Corporate Training Initiatives

Why Should You Say Yes to Microlearning Videos?

6 Reasons to Say Yes to Microlearning Videos

Microlearning videos are the hot favorites of L&D leaders, training managers, and modern learners. And rightly so! Here are a few key benefits of microlearning videos:

  • Imparts comprehensive knowledge on a topic as they focus on a single learning objective per module.
  • Grabs learner attention as they are visually appealing due to the inclusion of attractive images, animations, and gifs.
  • Induces active participation of learners leading to better retention. Microlearning videos are interactive and engaging, which enhances learner involvement, and ensures meaningful learning.
  • Allows anytime anywhere learning as they are multi-device and multi-browser compatible.
  • Helps improve training ROI due to their cost-effective design and development. They can be created fast using minimal resources.
  • Offers flexibility as they can be used as a standalone learning tool, can be integrated into virtual training sessions, or can be a part of a blended learning framework.

3 Use Cases of Microlearning Videos in Corporate Training

1. Product Training

In this competitive world, where innovation is the key to success, businesses are focused on launching new products and services to cater to the fast-evolving customer needs. This is just half the job done. Training your workforce on the features and functionalities of the product is essential for effective sales. Delivering impactful product training is tricky as your target audience is a heterogeneous mix of in-house and on-field workforce comprising of sales reps, service technicians, and customer care executives.

Choosing a training format that can cater to the unique audience is cumbersome. Microlearning videos are here for your rescue. You can use these videos to explain the features and functionalities of your products. You can also create short how-to videos explaining the modus operandi, good for just-in-time training for service technicians struggling to resolve customer grievances. Quick short talking head videos by senior experts can be shared with the customer care executives, where they talk about their war stories and anecdotes of handling critical customer objections.

Watch this video to discover four incredible ways in which videos can supercharge your product training.

2. Onboarding Training

When it comes to hiring new employees, offering a warm onboarding experience is the dream of every people-oriented organization. Training plays a significant role in acquainting newcomers to the workplace culture, job responsibilities, and processes. Although it is essential to ensure the new employees settle into their roles quickly, one should ensure the journey is not overwhelming. Sitting in front of computers and attending long classroom or online training sessions doesn’t do much good.

The right choice of training formats can help you offer a smooth and welcoming onboarding experience to your employees. Microlearning videos are the best tools to ensure effective onboarding training. Short videos by the CEO can be shared with the new employees to provide an acquaintance of the organizational structure, vision, and core values. Interactive videos that involve learners. Engaging explainer videos by department heads can be used to brief job KRAs and process guidelines. Interactive videos that involve active learner participation work wonders for imparting skills training.

Popular Microlearning Trends

3. Compliance Training

Let’s admit it. Compliance training can be boring. Policies and guidelines, rules and regulations, dos and don’ts — all of these seem to be uninteresting if not presented engagingly. Most organizations overlook this and end up delivering compliance training through hefty manuals or lengthy eLearning modules with text-only PowerPoint slides making it difficult for learners to consume and retain the content.

What’s the way out? Well, videos captivate learners and can be an effective tool to deliver compliance training. You can create interactive videos with branching scenarios that indulge learners in critical thinking and decision-making activities to learn the implications of breaches of regulations and policies. Short videos demonstrating role plays to explain workplace dos and don’ts are highly effective in driving learner engagement and boosting retention leading to quality performance.

Microlearning Videos — Your Best Ally for Training Delivery

Videos are indeed captivating and when it is short and crisp, it’s the icing on the cake, especially in today’s fast-paced world where everyone is pressed against time. If used judiciously microlearning videos can be your go-to approach to deliver a variety of training across the learning path. They are popular among L&D leaders considering their flexibility and usability. You can use them as standalone learning bytes or integrate them in other training formats like virtual instructor-led training sessions or as a part of the blended learning framework.

All set to integrate microlearning videos in your training strategy? I am sure it will be a smart move.

Here’s a bonus! Check this infographic for a detailed overview of microlearning and how it can help skyrocket corporate training initiatives. These tips will help you plan your microlearning strategy better. Grab your copy now!

Microlearning — How to Leverage it for Macro Results [Infographic]