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Level-Up Your Training with Combination of Microlearning and Mobile Learning

While attention spans are falling quickly and the use of mobile phones is staggeringly high, there’s still hope for the L&D professionals to turn things around. That’s right! The duo of microlearning and mobile learning holds immense potential to deliver high-impact, engaging corporate training. These two training methods align well with modern-day learner requirements and styles. Let’s delve deep into this “better-together” combo with amazing resources enlisted in this blog.

Level-Up Your Training with Combination of Microlearning and Mobile Learning

We’re happy to present you with a brief on what you can expect in each blog. So let’s begin!

Microlearning and Mobile Learning for an Effective Learning Experience

To ensure that we have a solid foundation and start on the right note, this blog makes it to the top of the list. It covers the basics like the increase and effectiveness of microlearning and how mobile compatibility complements it for better training results. It provides you with 3 powerful reasons behind the high impact of the microlearning and mobile learning duo.

Here’s a teaser of what the blog has to offer:

  1. Supports Millenial learning experience

  2. Mobility meets gamification

  3. Anytime, anywhere performance support

Check out the video below to learn how microlearning and mobile learning are the future of learning.

Mobile Learning – Learning Design Strategies [Infographic]

The positive impact of mobile learning on training and development is quite evident. This blog is a deeper dive into the concept of mobile learning, learning design strategies for mobile learning, and the advantages of mobile learning.

Here’s a highlight of the advantages of mobile learning:

  • Flexibility and convenience

  • Customized learning

  • Engaging multimedia content

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • Continuous learning

Check out the blog to know more benefits and learn about the design strategies.

Role of Microlearning for Mobile Sales Force [Infographic]

More sales, more profit. No training, underskilled employees. So how do you strike a balance between the two to ensure highly skilled employees close deals successfully? If you’re thinking of a combination of microlearning and mobile learning, you’re heading in the right direction. Mobile-compatible microlearning is an effective and efficient way to train your on-the-go sales workforce.

Now let’s take a look at the role of microlearning for the mobile sales force:

  • Learning on click with instant results

  • Quick updates

  • Device compatibility

  • Personalized learning

Read the blog for explanation!

Check out the eBook below to know the numerous advantages of microlearning for your on-the-go sales team.

Microlearning: Empowering On-the-Move Sales Team - Free eBook

5 Ways Organizations Can Benefit from Mobile Learning [Infographic]

While your competitors are making the most of mobile learning, are you still stuck on how mobile learning can benefit your organization? If so, then hold the horses because this blog will help you understand why you should consider mobile learning for your organization.

Here’s a glimpse into the benefits that await you:

  • Improved consistency in training

  • Better completion and retention rates

  • Enhanced on-the-job support

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduced investment in infrastructure

Microlearning: 7 Expert Tips to a Mobile-friendly Design

As we have learnt that mobile-friendly microlearning is a beneficial approach for various reasons ranging from increased accessibility to cost-effectiveness to alignment with the on-the-go nature of today's workforce, this blog helps you take a step further. It guides you on 7 expert tips to ensure mobile-compatible microlearning for desired training impact and productivity.

Here’s a quick look at the tips enlisted in the blog:

  1. Offer responsive design
  2. Ensure conciseness
  3. Incorporate multimedia elements
  4. Follow mobile-first approach
  5. Provide user-friendly interface
  6. Support cross platform compatibility
  7. Enable offline access

Check out the full blog to know these tips in detail.

To Sum It Up!

As we got a glimpse into the potential of the duo of microlearning and mobile learning, it’s time to put the acquired knowledge into practice and get ready to yield the results. To ensure that microlearning serves your purpose, it’s important to understand where does it fit in your learning strategy. Before you begin to stress, here’s a free eBook to help you out. Check it out right away!

Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?