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7 Tips to Design Microlearning That Shines on Mobile Devices [Infographic]

According to Gallup, 71% of Millennials connect more with mobile learning than other, more formal modes of learning. An important point for organizations to note and take advantage of it in corporate training, and a more effective way is to combine it with microlearning.

With its bite-sized and mobile-friendly approach, mobile-friendly microlearning provides a plethora of benefits for modern learners and organizations. Mobile devices enable learners to easily access relevant content, making learning more accessible. These brief, focused modules cater to learners with shorter attention spans, increasing engagement and knowledge retention. Mobile-friendly microlearning is cost-effective, customizable, and perfectly aligns with today's on-the-go workforce, ensuring learning is readily available when needed. Overall, it's a win-win strategy for keeping employees informed, engaged, and learning and improving their skills on a continuous basis.

Tips to Design Mobile-Friendly Microlearning

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7 Tips to Design Mobile-Friendly Microlearning

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Offer Responsive Design

Incorporates responsive design to ensure that learning modules are accessible and effective on various devices, making them truly mobile-friendly. This adaptability allows learners to engage with the content seamlessly, whether they're using a tablet or smartphone. With responsive design, microlearning solutions cater to the preferences of modern learners, enabling them to access bite-sized, impactful learning whenever and wherever it suits them.

Keep it Concise

Offer concise and effective content tailored for mobile devices. Learners can easily engage with short, focused modules designed for quick consumption on their smartphones, with a focus on clarity and relevance. This allows busy professionals to access important information while on the go, making it a convenient and impactful mobile learning experience.

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Optimize Media Elements

To ensure the success of mobile-friendly microlearning, optimizing media elements is paramount. It involves tailoring videos, images, and audio for mobile devices, keeping file sizes in check for quicker loading, and providing high-quality content. By doing so, you guarantee a seamless learning experience, making the most of microlearning's effectiveness on mobile platforms.

Provide Mobile-first Approach

Recognize the importance of mobile devices in today's fast-paced world, and create content with mobile learners in mind, so that learners can access bite-sized lessons, quizzes, and other microlearning formats on their smartphones with ease. The mobile-first approach ensures that learning is not tied to a desk or specific location, allowing your employees to participate in training whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.

Enable User-friendly Interface

Ensure an effortless learning experience that provides easy and intuitive controls for a seamless transition between various microlearning modules. Provide clearly defined navigation that is supported on mobile devices and allows learners to freely navigate to the particular section of their preference without needing to redirect to a root and then navigate to some other section.

Ensure Cross Platform Compatibility

Design microlearning modules to enable your learners to access content seamlessly on various devices, and for multiple operating systems—iOS, Android, and more. This adaptability guarantees that your training materials are readily available to your workforce, even on their preferred form of learning devices, the mobiles.

Offer Offline Access

With the offline access feature, learners can download content and continue their training even when they're not connected to the internet. This ensures uninterrupted learning experiences, whether they're in areas with weak connectivity, or on the go. This flexible approach allows learning in unfavorable circumstances too, ultimately boosting engagement and knowledge retention.

Taking Micro Actions for Macro Impact

Whether on a morning commute, during a lunch break, or at their desk, your employees can engage with training materials and enhance their skills conveniently with mobile-friendly microlearning. This not only makes learning more convenient, but it also increases employee engagement because employees can fit learning into their hectic schedules. Furthermore, the personalized, interactive nature of microlearning delivered via mobile devices boosts knowledge retention. Overall, this fusion improves training effectiveness, making it a valuable asset for modern learning.

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