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4 Compelling Reasons to Use Microlearning in Corporate Training [Infographic]

Hello there! It’s time for some microlearning again. Let’s begin with the question, why is microlearning popular in corporate training? One of the top reasons is that it can quickly help you close gaps in skills and knowledge. And it offers the benefit of focusing on one idea or concept. Not to forget that it can be presented in a variety of formats – quizzes, videos, podcasts, interactive PDFs, and infographics to name a few.

Onboarding the Millennial Workforce: E-learning to the Rescue


Now take a quick look at your workforce. You’ll realize that millennials dominate the workforce currently. Now this is a generation that has grown up in the Internet age and is comfortable learning on smartphones and iPads. They love the flexibility of learning whenever they want to, rather than going through long hours of rigid training programs. So, it’s no surprise that millennials swear by microlearning. Now if that isn’t reason enough to include microlearning in your corporate training strategy, what is?

Here’s an infographic that shares the top 4 reasons to use microlearning in corporate training.

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Microlearning in Corporate Training: Why Use It?

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Not just the millennials, if anyone on your team feels like taking a learning bite, even while they’re on the go, microlearning offers an optimal solution. Not for nothing do we say that microlearning MAXIMIZES your learning in MINIMAL time!

If you’d like to know more about offering the advantage of microlearning to your on-the-move sales team, don’t forget to download this eBook.