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Do You Know the 8 Scenarios Where Microlearning Works the Best? [Infographic]

In the vast ocean of knowledge, are you drowning your employees in information or equipping them with the lifeboats of wisdom? In a world where information overflows with every waking moment, the challenge of training and empowering employees has taken on a new dimension. But there’s still hope. And it’s the microlearning approach.

Microlearning is a method of providing learners with information in the form of short, bite-sized nuggets. It breaks down complex topics into simple, easy-to-understand modules focusing on one single learning objective. It can be a standalone course or part of a curriculum. Now that we have an idea about what microlearning is, let’s learn more about microlearning formats and 8 scenarios where you can leverage microlearning in corporate training.

Top 5 Microlearning Formats

Microlearning Videos

With reels and shorts becoming a part of modern day learner’s lifestyle, microlearning videos have become a popular and effective format in corporate training. They engage the learners by offering information that involves both audio and visual senses. This captures learners' attention and boosts better understanding and application of concepts.

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In microlearning, less is more and that’s exactly what infographics do. They declutter the information overload and present the learners with important information only. This way, infographics are a powerful tool for putting across complex information in an easy-to-understand manner. Infographics can also include images, charts, and other interactive elements that break text monotony to facilitate better understanding and quick retention.

Interactive Modules

Engagement is the key to effective and successful learning experiences. Microlearning goes the extra mile to ensure learner engagement with its interactive module format. Interactive modules provide learners with opportunities to actively engage and interact with the content instead of receiving the information passively.

This can be done through click-throughs, hotspots, buttons, drag-and-drop, and other elements. Interactive modules enable the learners to practice what they've learned and apply it to real-world scenarios with confidence and accuracy. Moreover, it also helps reinforce understanding and retention.


In today’s fast-paced world, multi-tasking is the new norm. Micro-podcasts give the learners a chance to make the most of their time as these mini audio lessons can be clubbed with any other activity. These short, audio-based lessons also cater to the on-the-go nature of modern work life, thereby saving time and ensuring productivity. So whether your learners are commuting or taking a short break, they can access training material conveniently and continue learning.


Evaluation is an integral aspect of any corporate training. And microlearning quizzes are a great way to ensure effective and engaging assessment. They help learners gain a fair idea about their strengths and shortcomings and enables them to revisit the concepts that need reinforcement.

8 Scenarios Where Microlearning Works

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8 Scenarios Where Microlearning Works

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Wrapping It Up!

With competition rising every single day, the need for effective and efficient corporate training is essential for both employees and employers alike. In such scenario, microlearning proves to be a promising training method that focuses on learner engagement, retention, and cost-efficiency to deliver desired training results. Microlearning has many more benefits to offer. Check out the worksheet below to know more!

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