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The Success Mantra for Flash to HTML5 eLearning Conversion [Infographic]

268…267…266…. Wondering where I am going with this? Well, we have just 266 days before Adobe pulls the plug on Flash. The countdown has begun and you need to start planning for Flash to HTML5 eLearning conversion, if you haven’t done so already!

But what’s the urgency?

The urgency is that with Adobe ending support for Flash at the end of 2020, all those legacy courses in your repository that were built with Flash will lose their browser functionality and stop working. And the same is going to happen to all other eLearning courses that were developed using older versions of authoring tools and have Flash scripts embedded in them. If you do not take the necessary steps now for Flash to HTML5 eLearning conversion, all those legacy courses will become obsolete. And what will happen to your training programs then?

A guide for Flash to HTML5 eLearning conversion.

So, the time for Flash to HTML5 eLearning conversion is now or never. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of the situation. Adobe Flash, for all its ability to produce complex interactivities, had some pretty serious issues. It had quite a few security loopholes as it required external plug-ins. There were also a lot of proprietary issues which hindered regular updates. And most important of all, Flash courses were not mobile-friendly. HTML5 on the other hand is the perfect solution for all these problems, and as a bonus, it also future proofs your eLearning courses.

Now you know why Flash to HTML5 eLearning conversion is the need of the hour, what are you waiting for? Here is an infographic that highlights the steps to successful Flash eLearning to HTML5 conversion.

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Flash to HTML5 eLearning Conversion: 6 Steps to Success

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