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eLearning Trends for 2023 – The View from the Trenches [Webinar]

Post-pandemic a lot has changed. Many trends have come and gone, and the L&D industry is not an exception. Organizations need to be updated with current trends as it gives them an edge over others. If you are trying to find ways to be updated with the current trends, don’t worry! We have you covered. We have a webinar to give you a look into what L&D’s future will look like, what trends will be at the forefront, and how to prepare a roadmap for 2023!

Now, here is a chance to be at the top of your game and be prepared in advance for this 2023. In this blog, I am going to discuss in brief a few eLearning trends to give you a gist of what this webinar is going to offer.

What’s Trending in Corporate Training This 2023!

Business Goals and Training

Well, in the coming years Learning & Development is ready to take the front seat. Learning & Development department is going to play an important role as a consultative partner rather than just an order taker. We are going to experience the role of L&D in improving employee performance and meeting business goals through training. Learning is going to significantly impact many areas of business, few of them include financial growth, leadership development, market leadership, career advancement, etc.

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The State of Learning & Development

Apart from just training Learning & Development teams are being included in major strategic decisions. Learning and development will be involved in supporting objectives like sustainability, future-proofing employees, etc. We will be experiencing a significant role shift in L&D’s state in the coming year. And that’s not it, there is more to it. Register for the eLearning Trends webinar and know more.

Learning Solutions

In 2022 the primary focus was on leadership and management training, upskilling and reskilling, etc. however things are changing this 2023. Coming year be ready to witness the shift from the 70:20:10 model to the 55:25:20 model.

With 70:20:10 the focus was majorly on learning by working or on-the-job training which is about 70%. Also, 20% included learning while working with others and a small 10% part included learning by training.

In 2023, we will see a major shift. The majority which is 55% will include experiential learning like scenario-based learning or watch-try-do simulations. Then comes another significant part which is about 25% which will include social learning like online discussion boards and user-generated content, the rest of the 20% will include formal learning like eLearning and virtual instructor-led training (VILT).

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Learning Formats to Look Out for This 2023

There are many learning formats that will be an integral part of learning & development in the upcoming year. Some of them like Virtual Instructor Led Training VILT, Microlearning, Gamification are already playing their part in making training effective. However, this 2023 we will see the shift in their role and how they can also be included in other ways to train employees better. Added to these we will also see the growing importance of various learning formats like podcasts, simulations, artificial intelligence, machine learning, metaverse, etc. So, register for this webinar and find out more about these learning formats and how they will help you.

Training Investments

Well, many sectors are going to see major investments this 2023. Some of them are Learning management systems (LMS) and social learning. What we see today is a global, hybrid workforce, organizations are rethinking how to invest so that they can include and train all the employees efficiently. Hence, organizations are focusing to invest on saving their time by outsourcing eLearning development, eLearning translations, development of performance support tools, etc.

Emerging Tools This 2023

Post-Pandemic a lot has happened. Digitization would be a significant change that we have seen. Due to this, the learning and development industry has always been on its toes to make the best of these changes, hence we see a lot of new tools and techniques evolving and changing. In the coming year, we are going to see some major involvement of trending tools in training. Some examples include image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop and Canva, Text-to-speech software like Amazon Polly and Rev, eLearning translations with Microsoft Translator and DeepL, and video development with Vyond and Camtasia.

Final Thoughts

Well, this is just a preview of the big picture. The webinar offers lots of notable insights that will prepare you well for 2023. Find out more about the change in the role of learning & development, major investments to see in 2023, and upcoming trends and tools that can scale your corporate training to newer heights. So, what are you waiting for? Register for the webinar now and make 2023 matter!

eLearning Trends for 2023! The View from the Trenches