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eLearning Translations: How to Host Courses on LMS Seamlessly Using a Multilingual Wrapper

Translating a master eLearning course into innumerable languages enables you to reach out to your diverse and multilingual workforce worldwide. The downside, however, is that when you translate an eLearning course into numerous different languages, your LMS (Learning Management System) needs to hoard and host numerous copies of that one eLearning course.

This makes it challenging to update and replace different versions of the same eLearning course in the LMS as well as manage and track multiple versions of the course. So, what can be done? How to break free from this hassle? In this situation, the ‘multilingual wrapper’ comes into play! Read on to know how.

What is a Multilingual Wrapper?

The Multilingual Wrapper is a quick fix that clubs multiple translated versions of an eLearning course together to help combine and present them to learners in one location. And all of this can be done without any programming because everything’s automated, isn’t that impressive?

A multilingual wrapper is a powerful tool that can help organizations effectively cater eLearning courses to their globally dispersed workforce while resolving LMS issues. Learners remain engaged in eLearning when courses are delivered without complications, which ultimately improves the training ROI for organizations.

This wrapper allows the course of eLearning to have as many language versions as necessary and serves learners as one unit. After the learner selects it from the Graphic User Interface (GUI), the course will start playing in the selected language.

Maximize Training ROI with Multilingual Wrapper

This wrapper allows an eLearning course to have as many language versions as necessary and serves them to students as a single unit. The course will play in the chosen language after the learner selects it from the Graphic User Interface (GUI).

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How to Access Multilingual Wrapper?

Step 1: Enter your credentials for login via the URL.

Step 2: Select from the following

  • Course name
  • Version of SCORM
  • Authoring tool
  • Background picture for the wrapper

Step 3: Upload the eLearning courses according to the languages

Step 4: Develop the wrapper and download it

Step 5 : Choose to see sample wrappers (optional)

Advantages of Multilingual Wrapper

How is Multilingual Wrapper a One Stop Solution to Mitigate the Challenges of LMS?

Challenge 1: Uploading various versions of one eLearning course

Solution: The wrapper simultaneously hosts and manages various translations of the eLearning course in a sole SCORM package. Thus, your LMS administrator need not manage each translated version separately.

Challenge 2: Storing multiple sources and their assets

Solution: When using the wrapper, it’s not required to handle each source file because it places the necessary source files all together in a shell eliminating the necessity to manage various source files for multiple languages. This also expedites the process of identifying the source files in archives.

Challenge 3: Generating a comprehensive report

Solution: The wrapper creates a collective report of the eLearning courses and saves you from the chaos of dealing with a pile of reports where each language has one report.

By providing a thorough report for each course, streamlines the process of monitoring and reporting different translated courses, saving you a ton of energy and time.

Challenge 4: Replacing updated versions of courses

Solution: By using the wrapper, you can forgo the entire tedious procedure of removing a version and replacing it with the updated one. This helps you be current with the changing trends in eLearning by automatically making changes to the eLearning courses frequently.

Challenge 5: Switching to another language mid-course

Solution: The multilingual wrapper provides learners the flexibility to switch to their preferred languages midway in the course too which is not possible through just the conventional LMS. But the wrapper has made it all easy to switch to their desired language throughout the course, whenever they want. By giving learners the choice to learn in their preferred method, the multilingual wrapper improves the learning experience.

So, there you go, 5 features of LMS that are simplified by the Multilingual Wrapper:

  • Admin Tasks
  • Asset Storage
  • Course Updates
  • Course Reports
  • Learning Experience

To Conclude!

Now that you have a solid understanding of the multilingual wrapper, it should be transparent to you how it, along with its benefits eases the task of hosting multiple translated eLearning courses on the LMS and how it enhances the learning experience for your global workforce, thereby increasing the ROI for your business. Truly a lifesaver.

So, let go of your concerns about managing various versions of eLearning translation courses and other hassles, because we’ve got you covered with Multilingual Wrapper’s flexibility and ease of use, all without any programming experience! You don’t want to miss using this useful tool to ease the task of hosting eLearning translations on your LMS, trust me!Multilingual Wrapper by CommLab India