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Why is SCORM Cloud a Must for eLearning Development? [Infographic]

What is your first thought when you see a beautiful ballet performance, or listen to a philharmonic orchestra, or watch an evocative performance in a movie or play? Isn’t it somewhere along the lines, “I can’t believe they are performing with such perfection?”  Do you know the secret to such perfection execution? It’s ‘rehearsal’. And if you want your eLearning courses to achieve such perfection and flawlessness, you should keep in mind this secret.  Huh!? Rehearsal for eLearning courses, now that is a novel idea. But that is exactly what SCORM Cloud is for – for running test runs and essentially doing a rehearsal before an eLearning course can finally be launched through a Learning Management System.

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Just like a group of dancers can’t perform a perfectly synchronized pirouette without proper stage rehearsal, an eLearning course can’t be guaranteed to be void of functionality errors and technical glitches and compatible with proper technical standards without a test run in SCORM Cloud. Moreover, doing a SCORM Cloud test run of eLearning courses to check if every functionality is in place reduces the margin of error before being published in an LMS.

Want to know how exactly you can make use of SCORM Cloud during eLearning development? This infographic will give you some useful ideas.

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