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Are You Ready for eLearning? [SlideShare]

If you’re a training manager with a rich experience in classroom training but just getting started with eLearning, you are probably wondering, “Is the classroom training material we have ready for eLearning?”

Get the answers here.

A key consideration while evaluating the preparedness of training material is learner engagement. Classrooms provide the opportunity to plan and execute a lot of collaborative activities to increase engagement. It is natural to be confused about replicating the same rich learning experience online.

Some easy yet effective techniques you can implement:

  • Add anecdotes and war stories shared by subject matter experts to build familiarity
  • Share scenarios and specific challenges to forge empathy
  • Include assessments to test prior knowledge and application of learning

What Else is Needed?

Learner engagement, however, is a step that comes further along in the eLearning journey. Initially, it’s important to understand the purpose of eLearning – the business goals it intends to address.

And whether working in-house or outsourcing eLearning design and development to a vendor-partner, it is crucial to clearly define the roles of the SMEs, design team (instructional designers, authoring tool experts) and Project Managers.

It is essential to ensure all are in tandem and know about:

  • The design and development process
  • Their responsibilities
  • Due dates of their deliverables
  • Contact person to escalate issues

Once the roles and expectations are established, important decisions need to be made to align the learning with the needed outcomes. There are three key considerations:

1. Aligning eLearning to business results 2. Deciding on the structure of the online training and formats 3. Selecting the right strategy for designing the eLearning

For more information and guidance on migrating from the classroom to eLearning, check this SlideShare.


Apart from content, you also need to check the readiness of your learners and infrastructure, and more. Download this eBook for detailed insights.

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