E-learning Elements that Maximize Learners’ Engagement

E-learning Elements that Maximize Learners’ Engagement

E-learning Elements that Maximize Learners’ Engagement

The popularity of e-learning has been growing rapidly in the education and corporate training sector. Most training managers have started opting for eLearning to train their employees. However, as we all know, only a few get effective results through e-learning. Have you ever wondered about the reasons behind this?

If we take a detailed look, it will be clear that learners are interested in courses that are designed using effective engaging elements. Let’s discuss three engaging elements that help enrich an eLearning course, in this post.

1. Verbal Cues

The verbal element includes the vocabulary used by the instructional designer in a course. Instead of using words that indicate the learner or trainer individually, it is suggested to use words that include both the learner and the trainer.

For example, instead of using ‘I’, “I’m”, etc., it is recommended to use , “we”. The words should encourage learners’ participation in the course.

2. Vocal Cues

It is advised to include audio elements in the course to ensure the maximal engagement of auditory learners. This can be done by providing audio narration to the course. A few things that should be considered while using audio elements in the course include:

  • Ensure that the audio is in proper sync with the content that is being displayed on the screen.
  • Try using voice modulations as per the content explained on the slide.
  • Ensure the narrator is speaking at a normal speed, for better understanding of the learner.

It is suggested to listen to the audio twice before incorporating it in the course.

3. Visual Cues 

Most people learn by seeing. Visuals engage learners and help the learning process. A course can be enhanced by using interactive visual elements such as hotspots, rollovers, clickables etc. These interactivities enrich the learning experience of employees by keeping them engaged throughout the course.

These are the three key elements used to enhance learners’ interest, which helps in their skill retention. Feel free to share if you wish to add to the list of engaging elements.

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