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7 Common Myths in Corporate Training – Busted [Video]

Illusions everywhere, with not a single fact in sight! I agree that the opening statement is a touch theatrical. But to be honest, today’s world is indeed a melting pot of thoughts, views, and beliefs, and it’s hard to distinguish between fact and fiction, myth, and reality. Do you want to know the worst part? These myths and misconceptions are so widespread that we fall prey to them without even realizing it. What would happen if you planned your corporate training around a myth? You would not only jeopardize your employees’ learning experiences, but you’d also waste a lot of time and money.

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So, how can you avoid falling into these traps?

The straightforward response is to do your own fact-finding and investigation. You must always be cautious, accepting ideas and opinions with a healthy dose of skepticism until you are certain of the source. This can be exhausting. But wait! You can’t go about assuming everything’s factual.

Training Requirements of the Second LMS

Here’s a list of 7 widely held beliefs about corporate training that are false. Watch this video to expose a few shocking facts.

Parting Thoughts

Now that you’ve explored the 7 common myths in corporate training, you’ll be able to debunk them the next time you discuss these so-called facts.

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