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Explore How Classroom-Intensive Training Programs Can be Moved Online

A lot of corporate training is moving online, but still topics such as onboarding and leadership training are being conducted in-house. This is because these training programs are characterized by a need for:

  • Supervision
  • Collaboration
  • On-the-job training

However, now that face-to-face classroom training isn’t possible, how do we deliver these training programs – which can’t be put on hold indefinitely? Now, in online training, there is a scope for training formats such as virtual instructor-led training (VILT) and microlearning, which can be leveraged as blended learning.

eLearning Trends – For the Hybrid, Virtual Corporate World

This blog deals with how these three popular training types are moving online, and the digital formats they can leverage best.

Digitizing Classroom-Intensive Training Programs

Onboarding – with Blended Learning

Blended learning is the way ahead for onboarding with ‘virtual onboarding’ becoming a buzz word in recent times. Onboarding can have a positive impact on new employees, paving the way for a long and successful relationship with the company.

A Proven Roadmap for Virtual Onboarding

  • VILT for introductions and icebreaking
  • ‘Getting Started’ webinars to orient new hires with the software and tools to be used on the job
  • Videos by top management to welcome new hires and communicate organizational values, mission, and vision
  • Immersive eLearning or virtual tours to take learners through the workplace
  • Microlearning modules or eLearning courses for function-related learning
  • Videos and PDFs for on-demand access
  • Online forums/groups for collaborative learning

Technical Training – (for Sales and Service Techs) with Videos

Technical training requires a lot of supervision and on-the-job training. Now that classroom training is not possible, what’s the next best option for technical training? Video is the top pick to make technical training ‘real’ for learners.

Videos in Action for Technical Training

  • Real videos of seniors/experts working onsite or handling equipment
  • Talking head videos to introduce new processes or changes
  • 360-degree videos to display new products/equipment
  • Demo videos to display product handling, troubleshooting
  • Illustrated videos to explain abstract concepts
  • Videos of top performers in action – user-generated content

Leadership Training – with Virtual Training

Organizations are leveraging virtual training to ensure leaders and managers don’t miss out the collaboration. Leadership training can leverage several digital formats. Here’s one suggested roadmap.

A Proven Roadmap for Leadership Training

  • VILT for group exercises, discussions, one-one mentoring
  • Virtual workshops for skill building
  • eLearning for self-study; branching scenarios to tackle problems, case studies for conflict resolution
  • Online forums for 1-1 coaching
  • Podcasts by experts and thought leaders 

To Sum Up

Now that you have an idea of how classroom-intensive training programs can be moved online, you can leverage online training further and get these assets translated. However, you need not worry about hosting multiple eLearning courses on the LMS and the associated challenges. Check the solution – the Wrapper!

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