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9 Ways eLearning Works Better than Classroom Training [Infographic]

Organizations today are increasingly opting for eLearning and other formats of online training. Let’s look at some of the reasons for this trend.

While online games and shopping have been around for quite some time now, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a massive surge in online training programs in an effort to ensure uninterrupted learning. And this trend for online training is not going to go away any time soon, even in the post-pandemic world.

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Why eLearning?

Another major factor that led to the rising need for eLearning is globalization. With an increasing number of organizations having their workforce in different geographical locations, training them the traditional way can be way too expensive and time-consuming.

Added to these is the arrival of a new kid on the block – the Digital Native – born into the digital medium, expert at multi-tasking, with a shorter attention span, wanting instant access to information. With these new-age learners came the need for training that is more flexible and more immersive – mirroring the way they learn – through a seamless integration of their digital and real worlds.

So why eLearning? Because it is cost effective, reduces time for learning by as much as 60%, provides 24/7 access for a global workforce, ensures better retention, can be accessed by employees at their point of need and leveraged to provide just-in-time and on-going support and reinforcement, provides employees a risk-free environment to learn in, allows them to collaborate with each other when deployed through an LMS, can be scaled up quickly without much effort and be rolled out simultaneously to multiple employees, in multiple languages, offers the facility to provide real-time feedback to employees during an online training course, and is more environmental friendly with a smaller carbon footprint as it avoids the need for printing and paper.

For those die-hard proponents of the physical classroom, here’s an infographic that shows 9 ways eLearning is better than classroom training.

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eLearning: 9 Ways it is Better than Classroom Training

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