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eLearning Gifts for Boxing Day 2022: 6 Amazing Options for Your L&D Peers

The holiday season is sure filled with a lot of merriment! Corporates across the world leave no stone unturned. With gifting events such as Secret Santa, Boxing Day Book Swap, and Wish List, the work environment bustles with a lot of fun and creativity. This sure is something we all look forward to, but it does take a lot of our time, especially when buying gifts for your fellow Learning and Development (L&D) professionals.

Want to gift something that your colleagues would enjoy and also find useful? Here are some amazing options for you –

6 Amazing eLearning-based Gifts to Shower Your L&D Peers With

1. eLearning Trends 2023: A View From the Trenches

As L&D units continue to grab the spotlight when it comes to sustainable growth in organizations, it has become very important for professionals to stay updated with the trends in the industry. This eBook, from Commlab India, is a gem when it comes to preparing training managers and other L&D professionals for the year 2023. From discussing the skills to be mastered to the authoring tools to choose, the book provides a detailed list of eLearning trends for 2023. This makes it a great gifting option this boxing day.

2. Instructional Design 101

Want to make your eLearning courses more impactful? The key is to base the development on strong instructional design (ID) strategies. From discussing the fundamental ID concepts to providing deeper insights of what to include to make online courses more effective and purposeful, the eBook is a must-have for all eLearning professionals. It provides some very useful tips required to develop premium online courses and that is what makes it a great gifting option.

3. Rapid eLearning Design for Quick Rollout

Rapid eLearning has appeared as a knight in shining armor for organizations seeking a quick way to develop and deliver scalable eLearning solutions, faster! But are such courses effective and engaging? What about the costs required for this quick rollout? The eBook “Rapid eLearning Design for Quick Rollout” answers these, and several other questions revolving around rapid eLearning. It also guides on the right way to do rapid eLearning for a quick eLearning course rollout.

4. eLearning Champions: A Practical Guide for eLearning Implementation

Written by R.K. Prasad, CEO, CommLab India, this book serves as a wholesome guide for eLearning professionals. From talking about the trends to follow to analyzing an organization’s readiness for eLearning, to discussing performance-based learning objectives for high return on investment (ROI), the book is a treasure for those seeking to excel in eLearning implementation.

5. How L&D And Business Can Align to Conquer The Future Of Work

The role of learning functions has changed quite a lot in recent years and this Brandon Hall eBook discusses it in detail. It explains how organizations can conquer the future of work by aligning L&D with business. From eLearning strategies for the future, a roadmap for L&D pros, to ways to use learning as an asset, and holistic performance analysis, this eBook discusses it all. This is the very reason the book serves as an excellent gifting choice for L&D professionals and business leaders.

6. Where Does Microlearning Fit into Your Learning Strategies

Microlearning is gaining popularity as one of the most preferred eLearning delivery strategies but is it only about chunking content? No! and it is not just about turning text into images or video. So, what exactly is microlearning and how does it fit your learning strategy? You can find answers to all such questions in this eBook and that’s what makes it a great option for gifting this boxing day.

Time to Wrap

You may have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what would be the best gift for your L&D colleagues! The list I have shared is a boxing day gift from CommLab India to you. It has some amazing eLearning-related gifting options that will help you save a lot of time and still find the best gift. By choosing these, you are not just giving them a token of love and appreciation, but a window to professional growth and development.

And if you feel the need to browse more options, just click on the link below, and browse our courses, gaming templates, kits and eBooks at sale prices. Happy Boxing Day!!

The eLearning Champion’s Guide to Master Design, Delivery, and Evaluation