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What’s New in Corporate eLearning: A Free Webinar on 2021 Trends

Hello training folks. I hope you have had a great start to this year and are gearing up to make the next eleven months equally great too. January is the month for planning and plotting and we are here to help you – to guide and support you on the road towards successful training solutions. Like every year, we are back with a list of eLearning trends that will dominate the training calendar this year and pave the way forward for corporate L&D.

So, are you ready to welcome the trends of 2021?

Great! Because we have a free webinar planned for you to discuss these trending ideas and solutions in corporate L&D and check how effective they are going to be for your organizations.

→ Register for a free webinar about 5 eLearning trends for corporate training in 2021.

You might ask, “What is so different about these trends than any of the lists of previous years?”

To answer your question, “Quite different!” In most lists featuring eLearning trends, you’ll find specific solutions that are becoming popular or some futuristic technology that has the potential to grow and become the norm in the future. But this time we are doing something different. This time, our designated trends are all about practices that will help you improve employee performance, achieve business goals, enhance your training ROI, and most importantly, transform corporate L&D for the better.

Here is what you can expect from the webinar.

eLearning Trends Set to Transform Corporate L&D: Objectives of the Free Webinar

1. Transforming Corporate L&D from Being Mere Order-Takers to Impact-Makers

This is a big one. Corporate L&D has never been in the limelight in any organization. Though it has been an important aspect of the business, it was always regarded as playing the ‘here to serve’ kind of role. That is how it has always been. And don’t get me wrong, most of us working in corporate L&D are quite proud to serve and to fulfill the training needs of employees, and do our part to help achieve our organization’s business goals. But don’t you think it is high time we take charge and live up to the full potential of corporate L&D in the modern world?

Today corporate L&D is not limited to delivering training solutions to learners. It has a much wider role to play. From employee onboarding, nurturing, and retention, to transferring the values and culture of the organization into employees’ psyche, corporate L&D can be the key to transform the way your business functions. But for it to happen, corporate L&D needs to change first.

How can you do it? Well, that is exactly what we will be discussing in our webinar. So register now!

2. Delivering High Impact & Continuous Learning

After the disastrous experiences of 2020, there are a few things about corporate training that became very clear to organizations, leaving no room for doubts.

  • First, we cannot in good conscience, go back to a ‘classroom-only’ training approach. That is not just about avoiding training disruptions due to another pandemic and social distancing in the future, but about finally accommodating training solutions that suit the modern learners’ requirements and sensibilities.
  • Second, we can’t slot employee training and their day-to-day job tasks into separate silos any longer. Training is as much a part of their jobs as solving a problem at work and both are often quite inseparable. Training solutions should be designed in such a way that relevant information is available to learners anytime, anywhere, and should continue alongside their job tasks.

How can you make it happen? Well, there is blended learning and virtual instructor-led training to start with. If you want to know more details on the topic, stay tuned for our webinar.

3. Converting Legacy Training to eLearning with the ‘4R’ Rapid Development Strategies

eLearning courses once created are not there to stay for a lifetime. How can they, when information and technology keep changing every day? Compliance rules change every year, mobile learning technology goes a notch higher with every android and iOS update, learning requirements change with changing organizational dynamics, and you have to deliver training solutions accommodating all these changes at the speed of business.

That is why we swear by rapid eLearning and have put forward 4 easy and effective development strategies. Our 4 ‘R’ rapid eLearning development strategies will help you convert your classroom training materials and outdated training courses into engaging eLearning courses with new-age design.

The 4 ‘R’ strategies include:

  • Record (To save SME time during rapid eLearning development)
  • Republish (To make legacy courses mobile responsive)
  • Rebuild (To build microlearning modules from lengthy eLearning courses)
  • Redesign (To change training strategy from classroom-only to online or blended learning)

To know more about how these strategies work, register for our upcoming webinar.

End Note

I hope I have piqued your interest enough about our upcoming webinar. And that’s not all; we will also talk about 5 trends that will help you plan for effective and successful training this year. So, what are you waiting for? Register now and book your spot for an hour-long discussion and Q&A session on 16th February 2021 at 11 am EST.

And in the meantime, you can read this free eBook for some insights into eLearning trends.

eLearning Trends 2023 – The View from the Trenches