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Video-based Learning to Spice Up your Online Sales Training

Using on-demand video for an annual sales kickoff saved Oracle $10 million. Video-based learning (VBL) has proven to be an effective and scalable means of workplace training over time. It has become a reliable way to train sales teams working across the globe, in different time zones. VBL is ideal to address the challenges sales force always faces – tight timelines, low retention of training, and being constantly on the move. 

Why Video-based Sales Training?

  • Least resistance from a majority of sales reps
  • Higher levels of engagement
  • Increased retention by 3-6 times than traditional methods
  • Reinforcement without additional costs and efforts
  • On-demand access to sales strategies and techniques
  • Learning at fingertips, for the moment of need
  • Equips for sales conversations – complex sales calls, overcoming objections, etc.

Let’s now look at the various formats videos can be used for sales training.

Microlearning Videos

Preparing bite-sized sales training videos of 2 to 5 minutes duration will help sales teams absorb learning quickly and easily. Dealing with one particular issue and its solution in one video makes an ideal microlearning for sales training.

Develop individual sales training videos on each topic, such as preparing for sales conversations, handling objections, in-depth product knowledge, demonstrations, follow-up procedures, and more.

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Virtual Sales Kickoff Meetings

Many organizations still use the traditional instructor-led training (ILT) methodology to start annual sales kickoff events. It will cost millions of dollars to conduct sales training in the classroom because sales reps need to travel from around the world to a single place – transportation, lodging, and boarding costs will add up.

Multinational organizations go for on-demand webinars as an alternative to ILT.

Some organizations upload sales training videos on their company’s video portal. This allows everyone, including sales teams that are on-the-go to watch training videos at their leisure.

Role-plays and sales scenarios can be shown through training videos.

Success Story Videos

Sharing the experiences of sales reps who’ve achieved and surpassed their targets in a video will help other reps know how they succeeded. These videos act as an inspiration for junior sales reps.

  • Sales trainers can also record videos on how to deal with difficult customers.
  • Sales coaching videos will motivate your sales teams to work toward achieving targets.
  • Creating a video library on your mobile-compatible Learning Management System (LMS) will keep sales reps’ motivation alive when they are on-the-go.

Product Explainer Videos

Comprehensive product knowledge is a must for sales staff to close deals. Explaining product features, benefits, and how it works in a video will help sales reps understand the product easily.

Explaining about highly complex products is difficult without visuals. Showing the various parts and working through videos is effective in such cases. This gives a ‘live’ product demonstration experience to sales reps and equips them for selling.

Augmented reality videos can also be used in online product sales training to enhance the product knowledge of your sales force. Virtual elements superimposed on real world elements, in real time, is known as augmented reality. These videos can be used to highlight specific features to help sell better.

Summary Videos

Use of summary videos is a best fit for sales training reinforcement. Summarizing the key points of an ILT session and developing it as a video refreshes the memory of sales reps. These refreshing videos are good as sales reps do not remember the entire training as days go by.

Video is a very versatile training medium and can be used in various formats to train sales reps – from sharing success stories, to providing live demonstrations, to summarizing ILT sessions – they can do it all.

Go in for videos and ensure your sales training keeps your reps happy and your results soaring high.

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