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What Makes Microlearning the New Paradigm for Sales Training

The corporate training environment is ever-changing, with new methods regularly being introduced in the market. Earlier, corporate training was modeled on long and arduous sessions with bulky course material. However, there has been a paradigm shift. Look closely and you’ll find that microlearning modules greatly improve your sales training programs.

Microlearning’s time-efficient courses has been especially beneficial because most sales executives hardly have time to train. There are many reasons for microlearning taking over the world of sales training the way it has. Let’s look at a few of them in this blog.

What is Microlearning?

Who doesn’t want to digest learning in bite-sized nuggets?

As the name suggests, microlearning imparts knowledge in short bite-sized chunks, instead of large ones that might overwhelm the mind.

The point of microlearning is that it breaks down long courses into shorterer ones so that learners can access specific concepts and skills whenever they need to. Microlearning makes sure entire modules are flexible, digestible, graspable, and absorbable.

Microlearning is a multimedia training technique that uses videos, audio formats, flashcards, and much more to make learning comprehendible and fun. It also doesn’t intrude into employees’ work-life balance and daily routines. This is one of the biggest reasons it has become so popular in the corporate training space.

Getting started with microlearning? Here is some basic understanding of the concept!

Issues With Other eLearning Models for Sales Training

Conventional classroom training is bowing out and microlearning modules are gaining pace. Traditional learning has some obvious drawbacks that doesn’t sit well in sales training patterns.


Conventional learning models require sitting and absorbing information for long hours at one go. However, in the world of sales, every minute counts. Every hour spent on traditional learning means missing out on sale leads. And that’s not acceptable.


Who has the time and energy to carry hefty books with them? Nobody! Classroom learning is clearly burdensome.

Large Chunks

Reading extensive paragraphs and attending long in-person sessions puts one to sleep.

Low Knowledge Retention

The bigger the chunks, the harder it is to retain information on offer. There would be no point in training half-hearted and disengaged employees.

How Microlearning Helps

Would you rather drink a huge gulp of water that makes your throat hurt and doesn’t quench your thirst, or would you drink short sips to hydrate yourself? Most people will choose the latter! Now, apply this analogy to eLearning and you can see how microlearning is the better choice!

This section explains how microlearning helps to conduct sales training and makes learning easy.

Learner-centric Approach

Microlearning courses need to keep the learner in mind. They take a lot from brain science to enhance the learning experience. Microlearning modules are used to focus the learners’ attention and enhance knowledge retention.

The purpose of microlearning is to deliver information at the right time. Its design and development process aims to fulfil learners’ needs and preferences.

Just-in-time Accessibility

Microlearning makes learning incredibly accessible with its mobile-first philosophy. Gone are those days when people needed heavy books and laptops to learn new skills.

With microlearning, your sales personnel can get hold of information at each individual’s time of need. Therefore, instead of memorizing facts, each learner gets insights through microlearning modules on how to deal with situations right when they need to.


Microlearning modules are crisp, precise, and to the point. They allow learners to get the information they need without having to beat around the bush. Sales executives have a lot on their plate what with traveling and planning sales pitches. Therefore, having something that takes less time and is highly accessible is the real deal.

Instead of having the entire team sit for hours, you can train them using microlearning modules to save on time.


Studies suggest that people learn better from audio-visual multimedia, than from reading plain text. This is because the more the senses get involved, the better the recall. Microlearning works on this principle to equip you so you can perfect your training strategy.

Most microlearning modules involve videos, audio formats, and images to present text-heavy content in an exciting, engaging, and fun manner. This media-based approach also keeps learners engaged and boosts their interest. In the world of sales, audio-visual elements help teams deal with real-time problems practically and appropriately.

Boosts Knowledge Retention

Do you want to know why microlearning is the epitome of knowledge retention – especially in a field as fast-paced as sales?

eLearning developers create microlearning modules using principles from neuroscience to enhance learners’ recall. They do not overwhelm the mind with tons of information that is hard to absorb. Instead, they provide short bite-sized nuggets that learners can easily digest and reflect on.

Microlearning assets are used as a means to revise information. They also help learners read and listen to assets like flashcards and mini podcasts. Microlearning assets also increases the practical aspect of learning on the go. Sales executives can whip out these bite-sized modules as and when they face a challenging situation at work.

It is Flexible

Sales teams must be flexible with their training format. This is because when everything depends on the client and their availability it can be difficult to manage time. Microlearning modules add the required flexibility to the sales training paradigm. They help sales personnel stay ahead in the learning curve and not get stressed about it.

Microlearning assets such as flashcards and online videos are flexible and can be accessed from anywhere, and anytime.

Summing Up

This blog outlines the factors that make microlearning the best strategy to increase the learning effectiveness of your sales team. We have given you a few insights on why you need to adopt this innovative method to train your team. It won’t take long before you see its major benefits in your organization once you apply this strategy!

Do you want to find out more on how microlearning is the new paradigm for sales training? Get this eBook to explore the finer details!

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