5 Online Learning Nuggets for Product Training [Infographic]


This infographic gives you information on online learning nuggets that can be used for product training and the reasons they are perfect.


Sales personnel are expected to possess persuasive selling skills coupled with thorough knowledge on the products or services that they are selling. Online learning nuggets or microlearning assets can be used to deliver effective product training.

One reason online learning nuggets are popular in product training is because they fit into the busy schedules of sales teams. They can also be accessed on-demand, and provide performance support right at the moment-of-need. Check this infographic that highlights 5 perfect online learning nuggets for product training.

5 Online Learning Nuggets for Product Training[Infographic]

5-online-learning nuggets-for-product-training-01

5 Online Learning Nuggets for Product Training[Infographic]

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