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Why is iSpring the Top Choice of eLearning Developers?

E-learning courses were initially developed using complicated and time-consuming coding techniques. But as computer and mobile technology evolved rapidly, it became increasingly difficult to continue developing courses from the bottom up, using tedious coding methods. Authoring tools help circumvent these time-consuming techniques. They also added a great deal of value to the entire development process.

Authoring tools have become the center-point for the development of all e-learning courses. Changing layouts, editing visual elements, embedding multimedia, creating inter-activities, and many more developmental parameters become available to you at the click of a button. This allows you to use different types of instructional design strategies as per the subject in question, without having to worry about any additional efforts. This advantage in course development gives your e-learning program a greater learning-punch as each topic is conveyed with the most appropriate method.

For you to make the most of the power of authoring tools, you need to select the right one for your purpose. iSpring Suite is one such comprehensive tool that is loaded with useful features. This easy-to-use, fully stocked PowerPoint based authoring tool requires no training to start. Let’s see some of the most decisive feature of the iSpring Suite that make it the top choice for developing e-learning courses:

Convert from PowerPoint

With this tool, you don’t have to start course development from scratch. If you have an old legacy presentation lying around, you can use it as a basis for your e-course. No matter how complex your presentation is, iSpring Suite carefully preserves all effects after converting your PowerPoint into a Flash or HTML5 course.

This includes transitions, complex animations, and triggers. On top of that, iSpring Suite keeps all the objects you have inserted on your PowerPoint slides intact. The tool pays particular attention to accurately representing colors, fonts, and shapes, as well as maintaining the crisp quality of images and videos.

Quality Assessments

Assessments play a huge role in sealing the impact of your e-learning. iSpring Suite allows you to create interactive and engaging tests and surveys to effectively judge your learners, and courses. Add audio, video, or Flash snippets in your assessments to capture learner attention better. With Branching Scenarios, you can increase the efficiency of your tests, as learners take their own route as per their responses. iSpring Suite even allows you to add different conditions for passing the test such as the number of attempts taken, response time, etc.

Advanced Scenario-based Learning

With the iSpring Suite, you can create really immersive scenario-based learning. The intuitive interface of TalkMaster, an inbuilt tool lets you create various scenes and add links between them, building a branched conversation scenario, which proceeds according to learner responses. Creating a scene never has been so easy as you just need to choose a character, change emotions, and set a background scene with the appropriate surroundings, all accessible from an integrated media library. You can even use custom backgrounds and characters to make scenarios more realistic.

Perfect Voiceovers

Using voiceover is a highly useful instructional design element that can ease complex topics. iSpring Suite allows you to rev up the knowledge shared in the course with perfectly synchronized audio and video narrations. With the built-in microphone wizard, you can record your voiceover right in the tool or even import audio from an external source and then synchronize it with your slides. You can even record a video right from the tool or even import it from outside. iSpring also lets you edit your audio or video, without leaving the tool.

Seamless Publishing

When using the iSpring Suite, there is no need to create multiple versions of the course for different devices. Thanks to the adaptive player, all course elements are automatically adjusted to the size and orientation of the device’s screen. Before publishing, you can also make sure that your course works perfectly on every device by using the preview function. iSpring Suite allows you to convert the output of the courses to HTML5, Flash, and MP4 video formats for universal compatibility. In addition, you can even control the file size of the course to ensure full functionality on a slow network.

While the market is full of powerful tools claiming to be the best, few can compete with the user-friendly and comprehensive iSpring Suite. You can always log on to their website and take a free trial run if still in doubt.

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