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How to Choose the Right Tool to Develop a Web-based Course

How can you develop a good web-based course? What does it take to transform your online learning strategy into an effective e-learning material? Among the various aspects you need to consider, the choice of right authoring tool is inarguably the most important. Today, we will examine the factors you need to consider to zero-in on the right online course authoring tool.

1. Cost of the Tool

Ensure the cost of the online course development tool fits your budget. Ask the following questions when you calculate the cost of a tool:

  • Does the authoring software come with in-built tools for audio and video editing?
  • What are the e-learning development assets (templates and images) provided by the tool’s developer?
  • Is the price inclusive of technical support?

The answers to these questions will enable you to calculate the true cost of the tool and choose one that provides the best value for your money.

2. Ease of Usage

Consider the time you require to get accustomed to the tool. This is important because if you need to develop a technology-enabled learning material quickly, you cannot use a tool that has a long learning curve. It’s advisable to go for PowerPoint add-ins or a tool such as Articulate Storyline which has an intuitive interface, if timelines are short, as they are simple to use.

3. Support to Instructional Strategy

See that the authoring tool you use provides the best support to the instructional strategy of your e-learning course. For instance, Articulate Storyline is ideal to develop scenario-based online courses. On the other hand, Adobe Captivate is well-suited to develop web-based training materials based on software simulations.

4. Availability of User Community Support

This is an important, yet, often overlooked aspect in the selection of the right online course development tool. Good user community support can prove very useful when you run into trouble using the tool. Furthermore, an active community of users frequently shares the tips and tricks of using the authoring software that will help enhance your ability to use the tool effectively. For example, Articulate Storyline has a vibrant community called E-learning Heroes, where users of the tool share their knowledge.

The choice of the right authoring tool is a critical component in the successful development of a web-based course. By focusing on the above discussed aspects, you can zero-in on the best tool to develop your online course. Hope you liked this post. Do share your views.

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