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What are the Top 10 AI Tools to Craft Microlearning Courses? [Infographic]

I’m sure you must have heard about microlearning. Well, it’s a training method that focuses on providing information to learners through small, bite-sized modules. They tend to focus on a single learning objective and microlearning videos normally range somewhere between 7 to 15 minutes. See, everyone knows this story but what is it that really separates microlearning, the mere concept, from exceptional microlearning courses that deliver results?

In this blog, you’ll get to know it all. Yes, from understanding the benefits of microlearning in corporate training to why you should consider using AI for microlearning. In fact, you also get to learn about the top 10 AI tools that help you craft amazing microlearning courses. Leveraging AI tools for microlearning makes the entire microlearning course development process simple, effective, and faster (because time matters)!

And with that said, let's begin.

Benefits of Microlearning in Corporate Training

Microlearning offers a range of advantages for both employees and organizations in corporate training. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

Increases Knowledge Retention

In contrast to lengthy training courses and time-taking sessions, microlearning focuses on delivering bite-sized nuggets of information that are easy to understand and remember. In case an employee forgets the information or is doubtful about the concept, they can quickly revisit the relevant microlearning module. This helps them solidify the concepts and apply them in their work.

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Improves Learner Engagement

In the world of fleeting attention spans and plenty of distractions, microlearning is a blessing for the L&D industry. The concise format of microlearning caters to the shorter attention spans of modern learners. It boosts focus and engagement as employees can take up mini-courses with proper breaks instead of having to sit through a long stretch. Moreover, microlearning videos combine different elements like audio, visuals, interactivity, etc., that cater to multiple learning styles offering an immersive, holistic learning experience.

Supports Time Efficiency

Microlearning offers a win-win situation for both employees and organizations as it helps save valuable time. That’s right! Employees can complete training modules quickly during breaks or in between tasks, minimizing disruption to their workday. On the other hand, organizations can benefit from reduced development time and costs associated with creating training materials.

Enables Accessibility and Flexibility

Short duration clubbed with the feasibility of mobile phones makes microlearning a game-changer in the corporate training world. As microlearning modules can be accessed through mobile devices in a variety of formats, they enable continuous learning.

Whether learners are traveling or somewhere away from the office where they can’t carry a large, bulky device, they can easily access microlearning formats like videos, infographics, digital flashcards, interactive eBooks, etc. This flexibility allows employees to learn at their own pace, on their own schedule, and on any device, making it ideal for busy professionals.

Why You Should Leverage AI for Microlearning?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds immense potential to level up microlearning. Here are a few ways how:

  • Reduces course development time significantly
  • Enables personalization and adaptive learning
  • Supports data-driven decisions
  • Helps create engaging, high-quality content

Top 10 AI Tools to Craft Amazing Microlearning Courses

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10 AI Tools to Craft Amazing Microlearning Courses

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Parting Thoughts!

With the help of AI tools, you can create microlearning courses that are not only informative but also engaging and personalized. In fact, as AI continues to advance, the expectations for creating even more effective and engaging microlearning courses are more likely to grow. Combining the two powerful elements, i.e., AI and microlearning, can significantly contribute to ensuring the success of training initiatives and the business. Do check out our eBook below to gain more clarity on where does microlearning fit in your learning strategy so that you can make the most of it.

Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?