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How Does Microlearning Benefit Corporate Training [ Infographic]

Are your learners struggling with crammed schedules, short attention spans, never-ending to-do lists, and a plethora of online distractions in today’s fast-paced corporate world? What are the different steps that you are taking to address the requirements of your employees in these situations? Well, if you’re stressed out and can’t seem to solve your problem, don’t worry; we’re here to help. Bringing to you: microlearning.

What is Microlearning and What it is Not?

Microlearning is a flexible method of learning that consists of quick, 5–7-minute learning chunks that can be applied in a variety of ways while emphasizing on a single learning objective to improve both individual and organizational performance.

Since people prefer to learn in little doses and can retain information more quickly and easily, you don’t need to devote much time on their training. With microlearning, your learners can avoid sitting through those tedious, drawn-out training sessions.

Microlearning is NOT:

1. Only available in video form

But it can also be presented as podcasts, animations, infographics, and more besides only videos. There are numerous formats for delivering microlearning, but they must be suitable for the context and address just one learning objective.

2. Just chunking content into small bits

Microlearning is much more than this; the process of designing modules is part of it. The design process includes choosing the appropriate material according to the learning objectives and selecting the distribution format in accordance with the requirements and preferences of the learners.

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This is just a brief introduction to what microlearning is and what it isn’t. Continue to read to know about the top 4 benefits of microlearning for effective corporate training.

Top 3 Benefits of Microlearning for Effective Corporate Training

1. Enhances Learner Engagement

Microlearning is perfect for keeping today’s learners engaged since it concentrates on a single learning objective in tiny informational chunks that are for 5-10 minutes. It’s just the cherry on the cake to make those informational bites available on mobile devices. Short, mobile-friendly content is more likely to maintain learners’ attention than lengthy paragraphs of information that take up their entire screen for an hour.

Imagine a group of employees you need to train on how to use a specific product or piece of software, and you hand them a 70-page manual packed with text and graphics that you expect them to read in front of their computers. What do you think they’ll do? Naturally, they will feel bored. But with microlearning, the same course is divided into bite-sized content that is for 3-7mins that are accessible on multiple devices and delivered in various formats.

2. It is Readily Accessible and Enables Instant Learning Support

Let’s admit it! We all became so accustomed to use mobile devices that we can fulfil every daily necessity, such as going grocery shopping or satisfying a culinary appetite, with just one click and corporate training is no different. Now the training can also be done by just one click. Microlearning modules are smartphone compatible and give information in small bit-sized chunks, it is much simpler for learners to complete their courses on time. These microlearning modules are readily available, so learners do not need to set aside extra time to watch them; instead, they can do so whenever and wherever they like.

Microlearning also offers instant learning support. For instance, your sales executive can access information in their time of need. Rather than remembering those lengthy product details, they can gain insights and stay updated through videos or infographics to revisit the specifications and features of any newly launched product.

3. It Benefits the Millennial Workforce

Microlearning is very effective for millennials. Any learner’s ultimate goal is to acquire new knowledge or skills and use them in their work to accomplish both individual and organizational objectives. However, microlearning has proven to be beneficial for the millennial workforce. Since millennials are already a mobile-friendly generation and due to their need for flexibility, they always rely on their mobile devices for everything they do. The same is relevant for training because individuals who dread information overload will find it easy to arrange their learning if they have access to it wherever they are and whenever they prefer.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits listed above, you might now understand how microlearning will benefit for your corporate training. Consider including microlearning for your corporate training as well but confused about how to begin with it? Don’t worry, we are on hand to help you. Here is an infographic that will explain where to begin with implementing microlearning in your organization.

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Microlearning: Top 3 Benefits for Corporate Training

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Summing Up!

The days of tedious manuals and drab textbooks are long gone. Being brief and snappy is all the rage in the twenty-first century. So why not make the most of it? If microlearning isn’t already a part of your training strategy, it’s time to start thinking about how to implement it. The eBook “Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?” is available for free download. This How-to Guide provides an overview of microlearning design.

Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?