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5 Reasons to opt for Rapid eLearning Development

Rapid eLearning development involves using eLearning authoring tools that require minimum programming knowledge. They enable instructional designers and learning professionals to transform content to instructionally sound learning material within a short duration. While traditional eLearning course may take months to be developed, rapid eLearning course can be developed in a few weeks.

From the organizations’ perspective, rapid eLearning development is best when many courses need to be developed within a short span of time and deployed at multiple locations. The development time is short hence it is a cost-effective, feasible and achievable solution for organizations.

Some of the features of rapid eLearning development are as follows:

  • Rapid eLearning development is possible with the help of authoring tools such as Captivate, Articulate or Lectora.
  • It is easier to integrate content and various media into courses using readymade templates. Readymade templates greatly reduce the developmental time.
  • No programming knowledge is required for developing the courseware. Therefore instructional designers can develop the courses on their own.
  • Some courses do not have a long shelf-life, but content can be updated or repurposed if designed well.
  • Emphasis is more on content and learning value than on the technology and technicalities of development.

The major advantage of rapid eLearning development is the short development time. Additionally, instructional designers along with the subject matter experts can take complete charge of course design without having to depend on software programmers. It is therefore no wonder that organizations prefer rapid eLearning to traditional eLearning development.

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