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3 Benefits of Outsourcing Your E-learning Development [Infographic]

The corporate world is a cutthroat environment; demanding companies be on their toes at all times. As a result, the learning function (i.e. training) has had to undergo changes to keep up with the demands of emerging market trends and technologies at large. Fewer and fewer companies today use classroom training as their mode of training delivery than, say, a decade ago. Thanks to online learning and the flexibility it offers to both the business and employees alike, companies can get more done within stringent budgets. In that regard, companies see outsourcing eLearning development as a potent option as opposed to developing courses internally—and for good reason.

Outsourcing eLearning development to an external eLearning firm that has training development as its core competency has a number of benefits. Having access to personnel who are fluent in all aspects of the learning design processes, including instructional design, development using authoring tools, delivery, and LMS administration is probably one of the biggest reasons companies opt for outsourcing. While outsourcing the entire eLearning development is always a good option, companies can also cherry-pick the specific parts they want help with. 

Below is an informative infographic that succinctly shows the three big benefits of outsourcing your eLearning development to a third-party vendor, followed by the six different aspects of eLearning development you can outsource.

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3 Benefits of Outsourcing Your E-learning Development

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