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What Can You Outsource in Custom eLearning Development? [Infographic]

Every organization is different and so are its training needs. And when it comes to designing online training solutions, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for all your learning needs. You cannot roll out readymade off-the-shelf courses to your audiences and expect them to impact performance positively. That’s where custom eLearning development can help.

eLearning to Achieve Business Goals

For organizations that do not have an in-house team to work on eLearning development, outsourcing is the only option. But what if you have an in-house team? Can you expect them to work on all the different aspects involved in eLearning development? Well, that would depend on the skillsets of the team, the resources available, and the timelines for completion. If you are looking at rapid eLearning development, then its best left to experts – for their expertise and ability for quick scalability.

Instead of outsourcing the entire end-to-end eLearning development, you can outsource only some parts of the program to an eLearning vendor. Check out this infographic for the different components of custom eLearning development that can be outsourced.

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Custom eLearning Development: Components that can be Outsourced

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Outsourcing can make a world of difference to your eLearning initiatives. If you’re looking for a practical guide to outsourcing eLearning design and development, here’s one that’s up for grabs – absolutely free!

eLearning Development Outsourcing: A Comprehensive eGuide to Select the Right Vendor