Designing Online Training: 9 Challenges and Solutions [SlideShare]


Online training design isn’t easy, there are bound to be challenges. Look up this SlideShare for some challenges in online training and their solutions.

Online Training: 9 Design Challenges and Solutions Explained

Designing and implementing successful training is easier said than done. As L&D professionals, we often face challenges in coming up with the right training solution at the right time. And the current COVID-19 pandemic has only made things worse. Organizations know that they can’t press the pause button on their corporate training initiatives because of the pandemic. Instead they are turning to online training for critical workplace learning.

Whether you’re onboarding new hires or working to reskill or upskill existing employees, there are bound to be challenges. For instance, gaining learners’ attention may not be much of a problem in the physical or even virtual classroom where you have an instructor to facilitate the learning, but that’s not the case with online training or eLearning. Here the course itself must make up for the absence of an instructor by capturing learners’ attention and motivating them to complete the course.

Well, that’s just one challenge. What about others? And more importantly, what about the solutions? Check this SlideShare for the challenges in online training and their solutions.


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Generating Motivation and Excitement in the Virtual Classroom

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