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Thinking Scenario-based Courses? Think Articulate Storyline

A lot of training content fails to connect with learners as it just states facts and makes learning uninspiring. When your subject matter doesn’t engage learners, chances are it will fall on deaf ears. That’s why it is important to create learner-centric e-learning courses. Your course needs to pull learners, rather than being pushed onto them. Integrating scenario-based learning is an excellent way to engage your audience, increase interest, and reinforce learning objectives. With scenarios, learners can picture themselves in real-life situations and thoroughly absorb the subject matter.

Scenario-based content takes your employees on a journey through the vast expanse of knowledge. It allows learners to discover things on their own. This approach increases employee motivation, accelerating the learning process. When employees actually sit down to perform the task at work, their memory is triggered as scenario-based learning has already formed a strong linkage in their minds. This helps them recollect information much efficiently as they have already witnessed the task and its consequences in a virtual setting.

Articulate Storyline is a leading e-learning authoring tool that can take care of your scenario-based content development needs with ease. Let’s explore some advantages Articulate Storyline brings to the table when it comes to creating scenario-based learning: 

Pick a Character for Every Situation

Every scenario has to be played out by a bunch of characters. It’s like telling a story, you give a face a name, a personality, and introduce them in a situation. This way, your employees can empathize with the character and situation, resulting in better decision-making. With the interactive course development tool Storyline, you can either use photographic or animated characters. With a wide range of options available, you can choose characters that are related to your employees. For e.g., if you are a young start-up, it would be best to use young, casually dressed avatars to establish the scenario better. These characters are also available in several poses to depict the mood as needed.

Create Scenes Easily

Once you have selected the characters for your scenario, it’s time to set the stage for the actors. With Articulate, you can easily add background images for your scenario to set the right context. Storyline gives you ample pre-loaded images to select from, that help you create the desired background for your characters. You can fine-tune the background using Storyline’s many editing features, ensuring the layout is unique and attractive.

Include Advanced Interactions

Including interactions in your scenario adds a heightened sense of involvement among your employees. Storyline allows you to create trigger-based interactions. It means assigning action triggers to one or more objects as per their interaction with other objects. For example, with dial interactions, your employees can manipulate data, giving a more realistic feel to the scenario. You can also create highly interactive quizzes using Articulate Storyline’s in-built quiz templates. An interactive scenario-based question puts the learner in situations they might encounter in the workplace, and asks them to make a decision based on the information provided.

Be Fully Responsive

No matter how well designed your scenario is, it should run equally well on all devices. The new responsive player of Storyline 360 does just that. It dynamically adapts to different tablets and smartphones, providing an optimized view of your course on every device, without any manual tweaking. With its responsive preview option, you can see how your scenarios will look and function on different devices, allowing you to enhance performance. Storyline has also optimized the new responsive player for touch control. It supports touchscreen gestures – such as swiping, dragging, and pinch‑to‑zoom—in HTML5 output on tablets and smartphones.

Articulate Storyline is a powerful, yet easy-to-use e-learning development tool. The best part is that because of its easy to use interface, there is no learning curve to use Articulate Storyline. All of these features make it an ideal e-learning development tool for creating impactful scenario-based online courses.

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