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Lectora Online: 5 Reasons to Use the Online Tool

We already have heard of the authoring tool Lectora Inspire. If you have text-heavy content which you want to convert into an e-learning course, there’s no better tool than Lectora Inspire. It’s a preferred, favorite choice for most learning and development (L&D) professionals.

Lectora Online, on the other hand, is a web-based/cloud-based authoring tool that allows you to craft e-learning courses in the cloud. A cloud-based authoring tool means that you don’t have to rely on your personal computer every time you want to create online learning courses. No matter where you are, you can login to your account online and create (and review) courses using Lectora Online.

Why should you use Lectora Online? Why not use Lectora Inspire instead, which already is a simple and straightforward authoring tool? In this blog, I will give five reasons why you should use this cloud-based e-learning authoring tool.

Without further ado, let’s look at what these five reasons are.

#Reason 1: Offers streamlined collaboration

Creating successful online learning courseware is not as simple as it seems. It takes a whole team of people, with different roles in the development process to come together and contribute. When there are so many people working on a project, collaboration becomes the top priority. Making sure that the team collaborates efficiently is crucial for your e-learning project.

Lectora online makes it easy for your developers, designers, and SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) to collaborate on e-learning projects. You can create goals and deadlines for your development team, which makes it easy for each of them to focus on their individual goals. The team can also add notes, allowing everybody to work together to meet deadlines. 

#Reason 2: Ideal for responsive e-learning

Responsive e-learning is the development of online courses that can be accessed on multiple gadgets. These courses can be accessed on any device because of their responsiveness to varying screen sizes of different devices – from Smartphones to desktop computers. (Learn more about responsive learning here.)

We recently worked with a multinational telecommunication firm in the US on an e-learning project. They had tons of e-learning courses with them already, but because of the huge demand for responsive e-learning, they asked us to convert their existing courses to responsive e-learning courses which could run on an iPhone, iPad, Desktop, and Laptop. Our development team used Lectora Online for the project and they seamlessly converted the legacy courses to responsive courses.

But doesn’t Lectora Inspire already offer support for responsive e-learning? Yes, it does, but your team will benefit more from a cloud-based tool where they can create responsive design projects and exchange files (collaboration), which is simply not possible with the offline tool Lectora Inspire. 

#Reason 3: Ability to create courses in the cloud

This is the most straightforward reason to use Lectora Online. There are very few authoring tools in the market that allow you to open your browser on a Mac or another computer and start creating e-learning courses immediately, and Lectora Online is the better choice.The cloud gives your team constant access to the materials they need to work with, making their jobs easier. You won’t ever have to worry about crashed hard drives, or missing documents again. Lectora Online stores all of your information in the Cloud.

Lectora Online combines the powerful features of cloud-based authoring with the ability to develop mobile learning. It also offers you some pre-created mobile templates to get you up and running quickly. Very few authoring tools can do that. 

#Reason 4: Compatible with most LMSs

Integrating Lectora content with your learning management system (LMS) is hassle-free with Lectora Online. You can easily publish your courses to AICC and SCORM with full compatibility. Also, if you create an e-learning course that has assessments, the system will automatically transfer the data to the learning management system, so that you can quickly and conveniently keep track of the learners’ progress. 

#Reason 5: Publish content to ReviewLink

Lectora Online not only gives you the ability to create courses, but also to review them. Publish your e-learning courses to ReviewLink and allow reviewers to give their feedback.

This is how it works: Just add the email addresses of your reviewers (as many as needed) once the course is published to ReviewLink. The reviewer will then receive an automatically delivered email, notifying him/her of the request to review a title, along with the appropriate access information for Lectora Online. When you’re done, publish your courses to any learning management system (LMS), such as Moodle.

Lectora Online is a simple, straightforward cloud-based authoring tool with unique features. E-learning vendors use Lectora Online to ensure they involve the SME in every stage of the development process, and update the course as and when the SME adds his/her feedback. Collaboration is a must for every authoring tool, and Lectora Online aces it with flying colors.

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