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Training Launch Dates Looming Large? Beat the Blues by Outsourcing the Development of ILT Resources

Imagine these scenarios – as a training manager, you have to ensure that an instructor-led training program (ILT) is ready to train the new hires in your organization in two weeks’ time because a group of new employees will be joining then. Or your company is launching a new product in 15 days and success depends on getting your sales and service personnel trained on the product in ILT sessions in the next two weeks.

Such situations can put you in a spot because an ILT program requires a number of resources such as PowerPoint decks, instructor guides, participant guides, and handouts that have to be ready before the training rollout. Developing these resources requires time and effort, and delivering them for training at a short notice can often be a challenge. The option open to you is to either do it in-house or outsource your requirements. 

Creating ILT resources quickly depends on these factors: 

In-house Resources: You require an in-house team with experience in instructional design that can develop these resources. You may not have the required resources or be willing to hire a team for these requirements. This is because it will mean hiring a fixed team and since training requirements vary, it may not be possible to scale up or scale down the resources according to your needs.

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): You may have subject matter experts who can develop the training material. However, they may have core responsibilities which they need to take care of first. This prevents them from giving the required attention and effort toward developing ILT resources and they may not be able to develop them on time.

Availability of Time: Even if you have experienced resources to develop ILT resources, they may not have the time to develop them. Or, they may not have the ability to develop these resources on a short notice.

Depending on your in-house resources to quickly develop the assets for your ILT program requires these factors. In the absence of any of these factors, it may not be a wise thing if the launch dates are nearby and you can give no guaranteed deadlines to deliver the resources.

How to Set Up Your ILT Initiative [Infographic]

The other option would be to outsource your requirements to an external vendor who will have the required resources and expertise to deliver your requirements. The decision to outsource the development of your ILT training resources brings with it a number of benefits.

Development by Experienced Training Professionals: Your decision to outsource will ensure that training materials are being developed by a team of professionals who have deep knowledge of training and learning. The vendor could already be into e-learning and experienced in ILT training as well. Consequently, the team will know what goes into the creation of these learning materials. They will create these resources based on instructional design and adult learning principles. These resources will be developed scientifically and be of great value.

Based on our experience in developing training materials, a client approached us to develop their ILT program for training new hires. The client, a clinical research organization involved in drug development and research wanted us to develop all the resources for their ILT program which included the PowerPoint slide decks, instructor notes, end-of-chapter exercises, participant guides and handouts. We developed these resources within the stipulated timelines, so that they could roll out their new hire training on time.

Access to a Fresh Perspective: Outsourcing gives you access to a new approach to the development of training resources. The outsourcing team will view the raw outputs with a new perspective and create resources that will reflect this. They will enhance these resources based on their experience of working on similar projects in the past.

Availability of a Dedicated Team: A team that is dedicated to your project is available when you outsource your training development needs. The vendor will put together a team that will be focused on meeting the demands of your project and ensure they meet the stipulated deadlines. 

Getting Your Resources On Time for Training Launch: When you outsource, you can be sure that the resources will be developed on time. The vendor will develop your resources so that you launch your training time at short notice.

Develop Various Training Resources: Based on the raw outputs you provide the vendor, the following training resources can be developed:

  • PPT slide decks: Raw outputs are transformed into PowerPoint presentations that have a logical flow, and graphical representation of information is used wherever appropriate.
  • Instructor notes: These will provide instructors notes on how to teach and have the materials required to deliver.
  • Participant guides: Notes to help participants understand the sessions.
  • End-of-chapter exercises: Assessments to gauge how much learners have understood. These could be scenario-based or task-based. The vendor will understand your training needs and come up with appropriate assessments.
  • Session activities: The vendor can even design activities for the session based on an understanding of the audience profile and their training needs.
  • Handouts: Useful content that learners can take with them for later reference.

 If you have to deliver an ILT program at short notice and do not have the time or resources to develop the training assets, the best option would be to outsource the task to an experienced vendor. You will get your resources on time and roll out your training program as planned. What are the benefits you gained from outsourcing your ILT requirements? We would like to know.

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