5 Aspects That Make Outsourcing E-learning to India a Big Hit

5 Aspects That Make Outsourcing E-learning to India a Big Hit

Kevin is the sales enablement manager of a large multinational pharmaceutical company. A few days ago, he was congratulated by his boss for training the medical reps of the company, online, in a very effective manner, with minimal expenditure. The secret of Kevin’s success – outsourcing his e-learning project to a reputed firm in India.

How Does Outsourcing E-learning Projects to India Help Get Good Courses,Cheap?

1. E-learning Development Costs are Low

A study by McKinsey and Company showed that organizations can save up to 35% to 45% on the development of a 60-minute online course, by outsourcing their e-learning development projects to the South Asian country. In some cases, the cost savings are even higher.

2. Easy Access to a Large Pool of Skilled Workforce

You can avail the services of the best online learning professionals, by outsourcing your web-based training projects to India. The country is home to qualified instructional designers (IDs), visual designers (VDs), specialists in courseware authoring tools, and technology experts, who can effectively satisfy your online training needs, by providing services of the highest quality. Furthermore, most e-learning professionals in India speak flawless English. This is an important advantage as it goes a long way in ensuring effective communication with international clients.

3. Time-zone Differences Enhance Productivity Levels

America’s night is India’s day. The difference in time zones goes a long way in ensuring the optimum use of all 24 hours. Teams in India can complete the work and send it for your review, the next day. This allows you to get more work done per day. Needless to say, turnaround times are reduced.

4. Best-in-Class ICT Infrastructure to Meet Your E-learning Needs

Most Indian cities have state-of the-art telecommunication infrastructure that enables you to monitor the progress of your outsourced e-learning development project with the same ease as an in-house initiative. Reputed online learning firms in India have access to the latest versions of authoring software, which plays an important role in meeting your web-based learning development needs. Here are 10 tips to choose a good e-learning vendor.

5. Outsourcing-Friendly Government Policies

The Indian government encourages outsourcing in a big way. The country has a robust legal framework that recognizes e-contracts and protects the interests of overseas clients. The government supports the outsourcing of various IT-related projects (including those involving web-based learning development) by providing tax benefits and other incentives.

We thus see that outsourcing your e-learning projects to India helps you get the best value for your training dollar. Hope you liked this post. Do share your views.

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