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Top Reasons to Invest in a Custom eLearning Development Program

Every organization is unique. Each one has its own set of values, thought processes and beliefs. These core sentiments drives the way each organization functions and conducts its business with the world. It defines the company’s public image and the perception among its clients, customers and competition. That’s why the success of any company is often decided by the way it is built from the ground up.

These basic principles of a company should also reflect in your organizational training. If you choose to go with the standard off the shelf courses then you won’t do justice to the brand that you have created. Such courses are developed with the thought process that one size will fit all. Even though they cover generic subjects like, HR procedures, ERP trainings, safety procedures, outsourcing procedures etc. they will miss the many nitty-gritties that exist just in your organization. That’s why you should opt for a custom e-learning course that appropriately reflects the brand value of your organization in your training course.

Custom courses are e-learning modules created to your specific needs. Let’s see below some of the top reasons to invest in a custom e-learning development program:

In Sync With Your Company’s Image

The ‘look’ of each company is defined in a certain way. Logos, font styles, taglines, color schemes, style guides etc. all contributes to the overall image of your organization. When you opt to create a custom e-course for your organizational training, developers make sure that all of these brand specific visual components are reflected in the course. When learners see your brand’s logo or color scheme in their study material it immediately creates a positive impression and reinforces your high-end standards.

Highly Relatable Interactivities 

The way your organization works is very different from others. Even with universal things like safety, compliance or software applications, many things are unique to your company. When you create custom e-learning courses you can create interactivities that revolve around the way things happens in your company. From creating relatable scenarios with actual locations and faces, to personalized game-based content, to interactive videos, you can customize each aspect of your e-learning course according to your target audience. When prior experience is connected to training content, the objective of the training program becomes clear, and since learners can relate to the scenario, it piques their interest in the learning activity.

Reduce Licensing Cost

A big advantage of using custom e-learning courses is that you won’t have to worry much about licensing fees. Since all of your content is created from the ground up, there is no need to pay monthly license fee or royalty costs for any of your asset. Ideally, the only costs involved will be your initial development fees and then, if you have used any third party tool, then periodic maintenance costs. While a standard off the shelf course is much cheaper initially as compared to the developing a course from scratch, in the long-term custom e-learning will pay off.

Easy to Update

Since a custom e-learning is exclusively developed for your usage, the entire control of the program lies in your hand. If you used a reputed e-learning vendor then they would have designed your custom digital learning infrastructure in a centralized and convenient way. A centralized architecture makes it easy for you to update and maintain your courses from one single location. With a custom e-learning course, you can use a reputed Learning Management System to keep track of courses in multiple languages as well.

Better Learning

At the end of the day all that matters is whether your employees are getting quality training or not. When you use custom e-learning courses, the entire curriculum is designed keeping in mind your organization and target audience. The learning objectives are set according to the objectives of your organization. The amount of images used, or the number of videos created, or any other component of your e-course, is developed only after analyzing the needs of your audience. All of these factors automatically add to a better learning experience of your employees.

The benefits of using custom e-learning courses are many fold. If you are looking to create a digital learning program for a long term that will stand the test of time, then custom courses are the way to go.

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