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Use of Mobiles for Just-in-time Learning

Information can be required at any time, any place and under any circumstance. Having crucial information at the time of performing a task can be the decisive factor for its success.

Imagine a situation wherein you attend a learning session to know the operation of a new and complicated tool/software/product. But, the problem arises when the requirement to use it comes after a long time. By then, parts of training are already lost, although you are aware about the tool in general, you lack the intricate knowledge required to operate it proficiently. At a moment like this, a small course, brushing-up the basic facts and functionality of the tool can go a long way in helping you recollect your main training.

Information at the right time and place to achieve a desired result can be termed as just in time learning or performance support.

In such training programs, where the moment of deliverance can vary from person to person, the need arises for a mode more compact and efficient, than clunky desktops or even laptops. With the advancements in mobile technology, mobile phones are perfect to deliver performance support training. The ever-increasing processing power of the phone only means that it conveys courses just as effectively as a computer. Below are some of the reasons that make mobiles the right medium to deliver just in time learning:

Latest and Real Time Information

M-learning courses are usually bite-sized courses that usually convey a single topic. These short courses can be accessed through the internet and downloaded on the phone. You can make sure that the version downloaded is always the latest one of the course. Providing real time and latest information to your employees increases their chances of achieving their set targets. It also avoids mistakes and confusion that might occur due to outdated information.

Accessible Offline

Mobile phones are excellent storage and computing devices. Most of the mobile learning material can be downloaded and stored offline on the phone. This feature truly makes mobile learning completely flexible as learners can access it any time. Employees going to a remote area to perform a crucial task or employees who travel a lot can easily access training material while they are in no network zones. The feature ensures that all you need to gain the necessary knowledge is a mobile phone.

Exponential Raise in Learning Effectiveness

In the absence of an immediate necessity, people tend to forget the training. They also lose interest in courses which they know, don’t have a practical application just yet. People learn and remember better only when they have to. Mobile phone driven just-in-time learning can act as a perfect catalyst to improve the interest-retention equation. Providing short courses that support the main training can enable people to recollect the course content instantly. When learners realize their shortcoming during the training process, they are motivated to do better the next time.

Increased Productivity

By providing tips, tricks, solutions and hacks, just-in-time training helps employees do their job optimally. It improves accuracy as workers can crosscheck facts, review tips and go over checklists. Employees get good at doing their job, which results in increased job satisfaction and a happier workforce. Companies start getting higher returns on their investments on the learning program.

As you can see, m-learning is a very strong tool to provide performance support. However, below are some of the points it should follow in order to be an effective tool:

Relevant: Keep the information crisp and relevant. Strictly need-to-know knowledge should be provided.

User-Friendly: The user interface should be easy to understand, yet fully functional. The course design should also be simple, neat and attractive.

Convenient: The process to access the course from the phone should be very simple. Preferably, the user just has to download an app, search the course name and be good to go.

Just-in-time learning delivers the training demands of the modern workplace and the growing needs of a rising millennial workforce. Incorporate mobile phones in your support program today and make your learning strategy stronger than ever before.

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