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Discover Storyline 3 – A One-Stop Shop for E-learning Development Needs

Most organizations are pressed for time when it comes to their digital training development. It works in everyone’s interest if the production time of e-learning courses is as less as possible. That’s why rapid authoring tools play a very big part in today’s digital learning ecosphere. A good rapid authoring tool not only ensures that your course is developed well within deadlines but also ensures it runs without any glitches in the vast array of devices used by your employees. Hence selecting the right authoring tool, from a plethora of options available in the market, is very important to ensure your course is developed effectively and implemented robustly.

Storyline 3 is one such e-learning authoring tool that you can use to create powerful courses quickly. Developed by Articulate in 2017, this tool can deliver more accessible and interactive courses to your target audience. More than 83 million learners in 151 countries who have learned new skills, gained new insights, and received career boosting training from online courses created with Articulate applications. This latest offering from them comes with high expectations and it certainly lives up to them. Let’s explore some of the leading features of Storyline 3 that make it a must-use tool when it comes to effective and fast e-learning development:

Multi-Device Responsive Delivery

With Storyline 3, you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues with different devices. You can simply create your course and hit Publish. The latest Storyline 3 responsive player dynamically adapts to the different screen sizes of computers, tablets, and smartphones.

It does so in a way that provides optimal course performance for each and every device, without the need for manual tweaking. For touchscreen devices, it automatically hides sidebar menus, eliminates browser chrome, and delivers touchscreen-friendly control for videos and other multimedia.

Add Closed Captioning

Make your e-learning more accessible to your audience by adding closed captioning. Whenever a video is playing, you can decide to include the voiceover as subtitles that are displayed on the screen or you can even choose to display additional information nuggets. Closed captions can also be used while playing simple voiceovers; for example, your presentation or infographics.

Storyline 3 allows you to easily create and edit closed captions with the inbuilt editor or you can simply import caption files if they are already developed. You can even style your captions using any font you want and even use triggers to toggle them on or off.

Tables to Better Structure Text

Improve the readability of your content by using tables in Storyline 3. Tables structure your content into a more understandable format. It communicates with learners on how text is organized and provides context too. You can add tables of any dimension to your course and adjust cells to according to your text. Storyline 3 even allows you to format tables with ready-made styles and customizations.

Game-like Interactions

With motion path, you can use simple animations to move objects around. These path options can be usually triggered by an action such as clicking on a button. To make animations realistic, you can even orient objects in the direction of a designated path. You even add a layer of complexity to these motion paths by adding a trigger when an object collides with another one. Using these simple interactions, you can create a game-like model that pulls your learners in.

More Work Efficiently

Storyline 3 lets technology do the heavy lifting, making your work easy. It has a lot of productivity enhancements that allow you to find and replace all fonts in seconds. Storyline gives you a feature to automatically scale and crop images to fit any placeholder shape and maintain triggers when you swap out placeholder images. It also allows you to name motion paths, duplicate and set properties for multiple slide layers at once, and individually publish a single slide or scene out of the entire course.

Storyline 3 also comes with a one-time purchase, perpetual license. You don’t have to pay yearly renewal cost for using this powerful authoring tool. So, choose this tool, if you need a comprehensive and budget-friendly authoring tool.

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