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10 Ways to Unleash the Power of M-learning for Sales Training – Part 2

In my earlier post, 10 Ways to Unleash the Power of M-learning for Sales Training – Part 1, we have seen how podcasts, explainer videos, microlearning modules, and mobile apps can be used to impart effective training to sales reps. In this post, we will look at 6 other ways to use m-learning to train your sales force.

1. Make the best use of eBooks

EBooks can be used as process and product manuals, user guides, and so on. They go a long way in imparting comprehensive information on products. Your learners can access the sales training content in the form of eBooks on their mobile devices such as tablets and phablets (Smartphones with large screens) very effectively. Consider the following scenario.

A salesman of a heavy electrical equipment manufacturer is flying from New York to Los Angeles to meet a client. He goes through the product sales training material in the form of an interactive PDF document during the 6 hour journey and this enables him answer the questions of the client confidently.

2. Leverage the full potential of learning games

Gamified m-learning courses are very useful to train your sales staff in an engaging and stress-free manner. Gamification is very effective in motivating your reps to learn well and perform effectively. Check out this scenario.

A pharmaceutical giant has developed a gamified m-learning module to train its sales reps on the features of its new antibiotic. The company announces that the learner who wins the highest number of points will be awarded a badge and 4500 USD. This motivates the medical reps to do well in the training program to win the badge and the monetary award.

3. Use interactive FAQs

Interactive FAQs can be used to brush up the knowledge of your salespeople. Reps can quickly browse through questions frequently asked by prospects, and this helps them sell effectively. Here is a scenario.

A salesperson of a life insurance company is travelling by train to meet a prospective buyer. He opens an online learning module on his mobile device and goes through the answers for questions frequently asked about his company’s endowment policy.

4. Enable your reps use SMSs effectively

SMSs are ideal collaborative learning tools for your salespeople. They enable your sales reps quickly exchange information with peers. Check out this scenario.

An automobile sales rep is interacting with the members of the purchasing committee of a logistics company, explaining the superior features of his company’s new truck. One of the members wants to know about the fuel-efficiency of the vehicle at high altitudes. The sales staffer immediately sends an SMS to a knowledgeable colleague who furnishes the required information instantly.

5. Help your salespeople use discussion forums well

Discussion forums are ideal tools to enhance the knowledge levels of your sales reps. These learning avenues can be accessed very effectively on mobile devices. Your sales folk can pose questions in discussion forums to get their doubts clarified. They can also go through various threads in these forums which expose them to diverse perspectives about your products. Consider this scenario.

A salesman of a spreadsheet application is going through a thread in a discussion forum and finds that a customer has used the features of the software innovatively to create a financial model. He shares this information with a prospect which increases the value of the application in the eyes of the latter.

6. Utilize infographics to impart effective training

Infographics enable you train sales reps using a combination of text and visuals, and this makes them highly effective. These learning tools can be rendered well on mobile devices. You can use infographics to provide the gist of a product training program, reinforcing the learning of your sales staff. Here is a scenario.

A sales staffer has undergone training on a new product two days ago. He accesses an infographic detailing the unique benefits of the product, on his iPad. This helps him recapitulate the benefits of the product listed in the training program, resulting in better retention.

M-learning is very useful to impart good training to sales force. You can use mobile-compatible eBooks to deliver comprehensive information on your products. M-learning games help make training interesting and stress-free. Learning modules containing FAQs can be accessed effectively on Smartphones and tablets and enable your sales staffers answer the questions of prospects confidently. SMSs help provide good learning support at the point of need, while discussion forums can be used to clarify the doubts of your salespeople and expose them to different perspectives of your products. You can use infographics to reinforce the learning of your sales reps. How do you use m-learning for training your sales folk? We’d love to know.

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