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LMS or LXP: Which One Should You Choose? [SlideShare]

The Learning and Development (L&D) industry loves acronyms! For instance, in learning platforms we have the LMS (Learning Management System), LXP (Learning Experience Platform), and LCMS (Learning Content Management System) to name just a few. For a lot of us, the differences between them are very hazy, but they need not be!

When it comes to the LMS and LXP, everything boils down to who controls the learning content – creation/curation – and the learning journey. While LMSs have been a staple in organizational training, LXPs are relatively new entrants. However, according to Josh Bersin, the LXP market is already over $300 million and growing at 50% plus every year.

Does that mean LXPs have the potential to replace the 4 billion+ LMS market? Perhaps that is the reason why most of the big LMS players are starting to jump into the LXP space.

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But, even with the LXP market soaring high, most of us still find it hard to understand the difference between an LMS and an LXP.

So, here’s a SlideShare that’ll take you through:

  • The basic definitions of LMS and LXP
  • Control of content – is it in the hands of the learner or assigned to specific individuals?
  • Control of learning journey – is it fixed or self-directed?

Explore all these aspects and more in the SlideShare.



However, if your organization isn’t really hooked on the idea of the LXP and wants to go ahead with an LMS, then here’s something that might help. Download this ‘all-in-all’ LMS eBook to explore its evolution, the characteristics of a new-age LMS, things to do before selecting an LMS, checklist to find the right vendor, and more!

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