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Why Are Most Organizations Using iSpring for Online Sales Training?

It is a well-known fact that good sales training plays an important role in enhancing bottom line of companies. Salespeople, who are trained properly, can interact with customers better and help address their issues faced by the latter effectively. The e-learning format is ideal to impart training to these busy staff members because online courses allow them to draw convenient learning paths and acquire knowledge and skills without affecting their tight work schedules.

iSpring Suite is one of the most popular e-learning development applications, used to develop courses for sales reps. The rapid authoring tool is a PowerPoint add-in, and anyone familiar with the product from Microsoft can use it seamlessly. Today, we will see how the latest version of the tool, iSpring Suite 8.7 can be used to develop online sales training resources of high quality.

1. Effective Videos

Videos are very useful to train your sales reps. They can be used to show how your learners need to get their body language right, modulate their tone to show empathy, and use other verbal and non-verbal cues to convey the intended message in an effective manner. Video-based lessons also help you train your salespeople on complex products.

iSpring Suite 8.7 is a very good tool to develop video-based learning modules. The rapid authoring tool comes with an in-built editor that enables you to weed out unnecessary elements. The editor also allows you to adjust volume, mute audio in desired parts of the lesson, and add effects such as fade-in and fade out. The editor can be used to add audio narration to the video-based learning module, with minimal effort. It allows you to record the audio narration of your training video using your microphone.

2. Dialog Simulations

We all know that salespeople, who are adept at holding good customer conversations, often succeed in concluding deals. It is important to train your sales reps on various aspects of a conversation viz., greeting a customer, opening the conversation, finding requirements, offering the appropriate product, and ending the conversation effectively.

You can use iSpring Suite 8.7 to develop online courses for training your sales reps to conduct effective customer conversations. The rapid authoring tool allows you to incorporate simulations of customer conversations in sales training resources. These dialog-based simulations help impart the “people skills” needed to interact with customers successfully. The rapid authoring tool comes with an application called iSpring TalkMaster that enables you to create characters and scenarios that depict communication in a real-life selling situation.

TalkMaster also allows you to incorporate voiceovers to dialog simulations to make them look natural. The application allows you to assess the responses of your learners and provide explanatory feedback. You can also incorporate branched scenarios in dialog-based conversations, using Talkmaster.

3. Branched Scenarios

A branching scenario is an interactive online learning element, where a learner is presented with a problem, and depending on how he responds to the problem, new problems are presented which can be resolved in multiple ways. For instance, a sales rep can be presented with a difficult customer query, and based on how he handles the query, he can be presented another question. Depending on his response to the second question, he is presented the third, and so on. Branching scenarios allow sales reps understand the implications of their answers to customer questions, enabling them to hold good customer conversations.

You can develop good branching scenarios, in short time frames, using iSpring Suite 8.7. The e-learning development software contains many in-built templates that enable you to create highly complex branching scenarios, with little effort. Staying on with iSpring Talkmaster, you can use the software to arrange all scenario scenes in a tree structure. This leaves little room for confusion and enables you to structure the branching scenario in an organized manner.

 The rapid authoring tool comes with a large library of visual assets which include 30,000 Stock photos, 600 ready-to-use icons, and 230 images of backgrounds, which help you develop branching scenarios with a realistic look and feel.

Effective sales training plays a key role in improving your revenues. Unleash the power of iSpring Suite 8.7 to develop high quality technology-enabled learning resources for your sales reps.

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