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7 Reasons Why iSpring is Just Right for Rapid eLearning

What is Rapid eLearning? Rapid eLearning is about developing courses quickly using authoring tools, a quick fix for training programs that have to be rolled out quickly. Rapid eLearning is based on performance-based learning objectives that link training with performance, and incorporates new-age design elements that engage and immerse the learner in the course.

You can use rapid eLearning development to convert existing training material into:

  • Online courses
  • Microlearning assets
  • Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) sessions
  • Videos
  • Job-aids

Explore the 4 Rs of rapid eLearning that meet every corporate training need.

Need for an Authoring Tool

Looking for an efficient way to design your courses in no time? Need to make your eLearning modules accessible across multiple devices? Look no farther, authoring tools are the solution!

Authoring tools help you develop eLearning courses as per your requirements, cutting out the need for coding, and allowing instructional designers and content developers to design LMS-ready modules. Authoring tools:

  1. Enhance the efficiency of eLearning
  2. Save online training development time, cost, effort
  3. Develop mobile-compatible courses

Introducing iSpring Suite Max

iSpring Suite Max, the latest version of iSpring, has really amazing features that’ll tempt you to go for it. It is a rapid eLearning authoring tool that offers a quiz maker, dialogue simulations, interactive templates, screencasts, and a whole lot more to help you create dynamic, engaging, and responsive eLearning courses in record time.

7 Reasons why iSpring is the Ideal Rapid Authoring Tool

1. Is Easy as Pie

Creating eLearning courses with iSpring does not require any training. You can take any PowerPoint presentation and quickly convert it into an eLearning course ready for the LMS. Since iSpring is integrated into your PowerPoint, even trainers and subject matter experts can develop eLearning courses without depending on anyone. All you need to do is make the existing material ready for eLearning, and voila! Your eLearning course is ready!

What does existing material need to be ready for eLearning?

iSpring can convert PowerPoint presentations into high quality eLearning courses, preserving animations, transitions, and triggers.

2. Offers Quick Access to its Huge Content Library

iSpring gives you unlimited access to a vast collection of eLearning assets via iSpring Content Library that allows you to create courses twice as fast (as you do not have to design each element from scratch).

The iSpring content library contains:

  • 450 slide templates for different screens
  • 65000 images of characters with different poses and expressions
  • 1000+ background images of different locations

The library is updated every two months and new assets are added. You can simply choose a course template from the library, add content, or upload your course in different templates.

3. Helps Build Instant Videos

Videos, especially those involving people – a senior sales rep explaining a technique, a leader assuring employees about a new initiative, a technician taking learners through a new product – are very effective in catching learners’ attention and facilitating knowledge transfer. And developing these explainer videos is easy with iSpring.

iSpring provides an interactive canvas where you can add videos, templates, text blocks, and shapes – just like in PowerPoint. You can also record audio in the tool itself – simply add audio to the editor and synchronize it with slides and animations.

iSpring also allows you to record videos from your screen and webcam at the same time to provide a screencast with live video comments.

iSpring Suite 8 offers the Video Lecture Player that helps develop custom videos. iSpring Cam helps capture the entire screen or part of it to develop effective screencasts and how-to videos.

Here’s a summary of what iSpring’s video studio offers:

  • Screen recording
  • Audio recording
  • Interactive canvas
  • Multi-track timeline
  • Title screens and annotations
  • Seamless transitions between scenes

4. Enables Interaction and Role Plays

The iSpring TalkMaster makes it easy to design and develop scenario-based eLearning to help employees improve their communication and sales skills. Here are a few features.

Role play scenarios can be designed like a tree for clarity. You can create the first scene and quickly add new branches with the drag-and-drop feature. Multiple alternative scenarios can be developed depending on the learner’s answers. You can add voiceovers to the characters with the help of the dialogue editor in which you can import audio or record voiceovers. You can also give feedback to learners to fix their mistakes and provide them with links for useful material.

And since iSpring TalkMaster supports HTML5, these scenarios can be played on all devices on any platform – Windows PC, Mac OS, iPad and iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

5. Provides Online Space for Collaboration and Teamwork

Another advantage of using iSping is its scope for online collaboration. With iSpring Space, the design team can assign the course to all reviewers through a single link. Stakeholders and reviewers can log in and check courses without having to download the authoring tool.

Team managers can easily assign tasks to their team members in a designated space and can keep track of what’s happening. And as reviewers can view each other’s comments and streamline feedback – this makes for very easy and hassle-free course reviews.

6. Enables Quick Publishing

You can easily publish a course with iSpring Suite (as a SCORM, AICC, or Tin Can package) and upload it on your LMS. Published courses can be played seamlessly on all devices. You can publish courses to:

  • Any location on your system using My Computer
  • iSpring Space
  • iSpring Learn (more on this in the next point)
  • YouTube

4 Step Process for Quick Publishing

Step 1: Click the Publish button on the iSpring toolbar

Step 2: Select a publishing destination

Step 3: Configure output options

Step 4: Course will be published and the Share option will be enabled

7. Offers Live Expert Support

iSpring offers technical support from highly skilled professionals to help customers with any product-related questions. Records show that nearly 83% of the cases are resolved within two hours. The excellent customer reviews and ratings for this tool vouch for its performance and support.

iSpring enables live customer support via:

  • Webinars
  • Questionnaires
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Help Documents
  • Customer Contact Service

About iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is a cloud-based LMS to roll out corporate training programs quickly. With iSpring Learn, you can create a specific learning paths for each department/employee and assign courses accordingly. iSpring Learn offers a comprehensive list of features with an interactive user interface.

 Setting up learning paths with iSpring Learn:

  • Combine courses, assessments, and other training materials into step-by-step paths.
  • Organize/manage content by configuring the learning path to make your training program easier to understand.
  • Set a completion order so that learners access the next part of the training only after completing the preceding part.
  • Assign homework to your learners – once a learner finishes, trainers will get notifications and be able to assess.

 It’s a Wrap

iSpring makes eLearning design and development easy by enabling PowerPoint conversion and providing interactive assessments, audio and video, built-in content library, and more. The user-friendly interface of iSping works within PowerPoint and is compatible with a wide range of LMSs. When it comes to developing customized courses, iSpring is the fastest and easiest authoring tool you can use saving you a lot of development time and efforts.

Have you had a chance to use iSpring for eLearning development yet? If so, share your feedback in the Comments section!

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