HTML5 the Quintessential Tool For E-learning Development

HTML5 the Quintessential Tool For E-learning Development

Gone are the days where employees diligently sat at their desks day in and day out to perform their duties. Now is the era of the millennial workforce. This young generation is raised on technology and isn’t afraid to adapt a more dynamic approach to handle their work. They are no longer tied to their desktops to get the work done; rather, they use multiple devices as per their convenience. Laptops, tablet computers and smartphones play set roles in facilitating the day-to-day activities of any corporate organization. Owing to the way employees work, the way they learn  has also changed.

Just like their work life, their training should also be delivered on multiple devices. But conventional methods of e-learning developments used tedious coding techniques to create courses for individual devices. But in the current scenario where the market is flooded with different types of devices, this becomes a highly impractical approach. That’s why developers have started using HTML5 based authoring tools.

HTML is a system for presenting and structuring content on the World Wide Web. HTML5 is its latest and strongest version of the standard. It has played a prime role in making rapid development a highly effective course creation approach. Designers have easy to use and more powerful HTML5 based tools that make course development a quick process. Below are some of the advantages that make HTML5 quintessential for the e-learning development process:

Scalable Across All Devices 

HTML5 creates dynamic courses that change its parameters according to the dimensions of the devices and software applications in use. This important quality of HTML5 allows creation  of universal courses that work equally well on every possible device. It also adds additional features to ease functionality in touch devices, like auto-hiding the sidebar menus, enabling zoom etc. If you use the right authoring tool, then it even allows you to set different sizes of the course to be used as per the strength of the network. Tools like Storyline 360, Lectora 17, iSpring etc. offer some of the most powerful authoring and responsive features that help you create top notch e-learning courses. 

Customization Made Easy

Quick customizations in e-learning courses are the need of the hour in today’s corporate learning landscape. As HTML5 doesn’t have the same accessibility limitations as Flash based tools, courses can be customized with ease. This allows developers to customize the smallest aspects of the course interface and content elements. You can change the fonts, color schemes, content style, logos, themes, and any other minute parameter that you can think of, at the click of a button. All of these factors make your custom e-learning course more effective in lesser development time.

Ease of Multimedia Integrations

 HTML5 allows easy multimedia integration by not only eliminating the need for proprietary media players but also making video and audio presentations searchable in the browser. Due to this feature, you can create dynamic and interactive e-learning courses that feature multimedia elements like images, videos, audio, animations, sound clips and presentations, thereby boosting the engagement of your audience and offering them a more comprehensive digital learning experience.HTML5 ensures that the course runs regardless of the browser or device used.

Single Point Maintenance

With HTML5, you don’t need to develop different course versions for different devices, as a single course version run equally well on all devices. This universality of the courses allows e-learning managers to have a single point maintenance. Developers just need to update a single course file, in just one location in order to modify or change the courses. This makes course maintenance an easy and hassle free task as you don’t need to worry about the various versions of the same course.For e.g. if you have translated your e-learning course into multiple languages, then you just need to upload all of them at just a single location.

Games Made Easy

HTML5 helps create interactive games that can be used to make your courses interactive. We can also integrate simple graphics, create 2D drawings and do a lot more without plugins. Since no plugins are required, your games run equally well on every possible device without you having to worry about any additional software. HTML5 based games are also fully compatible with mobile devices. This enables various touch functionalities that might be unavailable when you use conventional Flash based courses.

HTML5 is not the future of e-learning development it is the present! So don’t dwell in the past by using archaic methods to create courses. Contact a leading e-learning development organization that uses the latest HTML5 based authoring tools to create a powerful e-learning course that can run on multiple devices.

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