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Creating an Interesting E-learning GUI Design in Articulate Storyline – Part 6

In my previous blog, I shared a few tips on adding page numbers to courses using variables in Articulate Storyline.

In this blog, let us see how to add the Play/Pause and Replay buttons to a customized GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Play/Pause and Replay buttons: Articulate Storyline provides the Play/Pause/Replay feature by default in the GUI of a course, but when you customize the GUI, you need to add the Play/Pause and Replay buttons in each slide. This will require some extra time and effort in a project. However, if you want to save the time and effort, control the animation and audio in a slide, here are some simple steps to follow. Creating the Play and Pause button

Step 1: Design or Insert the Play/Pause/Replay button in each slide.

Design or insert the play pause or play button

Step 2: Insert a slide layer named “Pause”, and insert the Pause button.

Insert a slide layer name pause

Step 3: Add some text animations and Audio to the base layer (to check how they work).

Add some text animations and audio to the base layer

Step 4: Assign a Trigger to “show layer” (Pause) when the “Play” button is clicked. See screenshot below.

Assign a trigger to show layer

Step 5: Open the “Pause” layer and assign the Trigger shown below.

Pause the open layer and assign the Trigger-1 Pause the open layer and assign the Trigger-2

Step 6: Click the Gear Icon for the Pause layer and check the settings as shown in the image below.

Click the gear icon for the pause layer

Preview this slide to check the animation and audio.


  1. Pause Timeline Trigger is applicable only in Articulate Storyline 2.
  2. Steps 1 to 6 apply to each slide.

Creating the Replay button

Step 7: Select the Replay button and assign the below Trigger on each slide.

Select the replay button and assign the Trigger

Hope this blog helps you customize the GUI Play/Pause and Replay buttons in Articulate Storyline with minimal efforts.

In my next blog, I will share some more useful tips to create a customized GUI

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