E-learning Development Tools: A List of 49 Amazing Authoring Tools to Develop Online Courses


This blog intends to share the key strengths of 49 authoring tools used for developing eLearning courses.

E-learning Development Tools: A List of 49 Amazing Authoring Tools to Develop Online Courses

It is common knowledge that the selection of the right eLearning course authoring tool goes a long way in developing effective online courses that meet your needs efficiently. So, how do you go about choosing the “perfect tool” to build your eLearning courses?

Well, here is a list of 49 authoring tools, created in consultation with our development team.

S.No.Name of the toolName of the developer

Key Feature


Adobe Captivate 8Adobe Systems, Inc.Can be used to develop responsive eLearning courses that can be accessed on all devices, including desktop computers, seamlessly.The most popular rapid authoring tool used to develop software demos.
 2Adobe CoursebuilderAdobe Systems, Inc.A very useful tool for developing web-based training (WBT) courses.An extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that comes free with the software.
 3Adobe FlashAdobe Systems, IncA wonderful tool to develop excellent eLearning courses with stunning visuals and animations.Extensively used to develop rich Internet applications.On the flip side, it cannot be used to develop mLearning courses.
 4Adobe Presenter 10Adobe Systems, IncThe ideal tool to convert PowerPoint presentations into interactive eLearning coursesProvides excellent HTML5 support for MS-PowerPoint
 5Articulate StorylineArticulate Global, IncA wonderful rapid authoring tool to create courses that capture the imagination of your learners.Comes with an interface very similar to PowerPoint. This makes it very easy to work with this eLearning software.
 6Articulate StudioArticulate Global, IncA PowerPoint based tool for creating engaging online courses in quick time.A set of 4 amazing eLearning development software – Presenter, Quizmaker, Engage and Replay
 7Brick LayerTraining BricksA hosted tool that allows you to build eLearning courses using an array of in-built templates and asset libraries
 8Camtasia StudioTech SmithThe ideal tool to create excellent eLearning videosA PowerPoint add-in
 9ClaroDominKnowA cloud-based eLearning authoring tool that comes with amazing eLearning templates and thousands of images
 10CompendleMyKnowledgeMap.LtdA comprehensive, hosted eLearning course authoring solution
 11ComposicaComposicaA very useful eLearning development tool that comes in both installed as well as hosted solutionIdeal for developing social eLearning courses
 12Content StudioIMC AGAn excellent tool for developing online course that has a simple interface and can be used to publish content to HTML5.
 13CourseLabWebSoftAn simple and powerful rapid authoring tool that can be used to develop courses in what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) environment.This software is available in 2 versions – free and commercial. For a comparison between the two, please refer to this page.
 14DazzlerMaxDazzlerSoftA wonderful tool to develop multimedia rich eLearning courses
 15Demo builderTanida Inc.The ideal tool to create demonstrations and presntations. This tool helps you create interactive online tutorials effortlessly.
 16EasygeneratorInnovative Solutions in Media (ISM) B.V.A good tool to produce interactive online courses collaboratively.Comes in fivepricing models.
 17EasyProfInteractive Training Advanced Computer Applications (ITACA)A nice rapid authoring tool to produce web-based training (WBT) courses.Also available as a SaaS version
 18E-doceoe-doceo CanadaA very powerful tool to create multimedia-rich eLearning coursesThis software can be used to convert PowerPoint-based learning content into interactive online courses.
 19eNetAuthoreCom Scotland LtdA web-based software that allows you to create learning content for the web and mobile
 20e-Learning Authoring Toole-Learning Consulting, LLCAn online course development software that is simple to use and helps you create media-rich digital courses.
 21eXeeXeLearningA free, open source tool that can be used to publish learning content for the web without proficiency in HTML or XML.
 22Expert authorKnowledge questAn incredible tool to develop engaging simulation-based courses.Allows you to import Storyboards developed in MS-Word.
 23GomolearningGomo Learning Ltd.An incredible tool to develop bespoke responsive eLearning coursesA SaaS solution available for just 89 USD per month (as on 3-Sep-2014)
 24Hot Lava MobileIBM KenexaA wonderful tool to develop device independent online courses that helps you create surveys, quizzes, assessments and add streaming videos using a Microsoft PowerPoint plug-in.
 25iSpring Presenter 7iSpring Solutions, Inc.An excellent rapid eLearning software to quickly convert your PowerPoint-based learning content into highly engaging eLearning courses.Based on HyperPoint 4.0, which preserves all effects of your PowerPoint, when your content is converted into HTML5.
 26KnowledgePresenter Professional XIIKookaburra Studios Pty LtdA good rapid eLearning software to develop HTML5-based learning content
 27LearnbubbleElmstone Systems Limited.A web-based software with WYSIWYG editor that allows you to devleop courses in a simple and effective manner.
 28Lectora Inspire 11Trivantis Corporation Inc.An excellent tool to convert text-heavy content into highly effective online coursesThis software is extensively used to develop courses that require quick translations.
 29LECTURNITYIMC AGA very useful tool to record presentations.
 30LERSUS easyContentDELFI softwareA nice rapid authoring tool to produce online trainingcourses.
 31LuminosityCM Group LtdAn excellent software to develop HTML5-based digital courses.
 32MediaTubeVidizmo LLCA wonderful tool to create webinars and eLearning videos.
 33MindflashMindflash TechnologiesA web based rapid authoring tool that helps you develop highly engaging eLearning courses in minutes
 34Mohive e-Learning Publishing systemCrossKnowledgeA web-based eLearning course authoring software that allows you to make and publish digital courses efficiently.
 35MomindumMomindumA good tool to create video based courses.
 36MOS SoloMOS-MindOnSite SAA simple, free authoring tool for developing courses for the web and mobile devices.
 37Multimedia Learning Object Authoring ToolUBC Arts ISITA free tool to create media-rich online training content.
 38Openworld PresenterOpenworld Learning, LLCAn easy-to-use tool that helps you devlelop engaging, rich-media online courses.
 39QuickLessonsQuickLessons LLCA very useful collabaorative platform for developing highly interactive courses.
 40Readygo Web Course BuilderReadyGo Inc.A nice tool to create effective courses for the web and mobile devices.
 41Reload EditorFunded by JISCA free, open-source tool for developing, sharing and reusing learning objects.
 42ScateigniteScate technologies, Inc.A good tool to develop web-based presentations and screen recordings and publish them to social media, videos, podcasts, interactive flash, HTML or SCORM eLearning.
 43SmartbuilderStrategic Technology SolutionsAn excellent rapid authoring tool to develop media-rich courses with gaming elements collaboratively.
 44SoftChalk CreateSoftChalk LLCA nice tool to develop and deliver highly interactive eLearning courses.
 45STT TrainerAssimaA very useful software for instructional designers. It can be used to impart effective training on software applications by converting recorded inetractions into simulations.
 46ToolwireToolwire Inc.A very good tool to create immersive eLearning courses with illustrated characters and scenarios.
 47UdutuUdutu Learning Systems Inc.A free eLearning development tool that allows you to create engaging digital courses with simulations, interactivities, case-studies and assessments in a WYSIWYG environment.
 48WBTExpress Pro4systemA good tool to create highly effective online courses collaboratively.
 49WordForceBelitsoftAn incredible tool to craete highly interactive web-based courses from content in MS-Word format.

The choice of the right eLearning development tool has to be made on the basis of your needs. You have to consider the nature of your content, availability of skilled personnel, devices on which the course will be accessed and most importantly, money and time. Depending on your requirement, you can use one of the above tools. Sometimes, you may have to use two or more tools to satisfy your instructional needs.

Hope you find this blog useful. In case I have missed out any of your favorite authoring tool, please add it to this list.

How to Select the Right Rapid Authoring Tool

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    What about ZebraZapps? I love that it gives you the ability to create a unique mobile app for your course. Also, you can do much more in depth branching scenarios, which creates much more powerful interactivity than all the other tools, except for an authoring language.

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