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True/False and Numeric Entry Questions on a Single Articulate Storyline Slide – Here’s How

Articulate Storyline allows e-learning courseware developers to use different types of default assessments such as True/False questions, single select, multiple select, numeric entry, and data entry fields. It also allows the customization of default assessments to meet client requirements.

Recently we received a unique requirement from one of our clients.

We were asked to insert a True/False question and a numeric entry field in a single slide; if the learner answers both the questions correctly, display the Correct feedback popup.

If any of them is incorrect, display the Incorrect feedback popup. The default True/False assessment does not support this functionality. We had to customize it to meet the above requirement. Lets’ see how we went about it.

Here are the steps involved.

Step 1:

Create a normal True/False question.

Create a normal true or false

For the above question, “True” is the answer.

Step 2:

Add another question in the slide and insert a numeric entry field to enter the answer as shown in the screenshot below.

Add another question

For this question, “12” is the correct answer. 

Step 3:

In general, Storyline automatically creates a variable Numeric Entry for numeric entry; it holds the numeric value entered.

Storyline creates a variable numeric entry

Step 4:

Delete the Trigger ‘Submit Interaction’ when the learner clicks the Submit button.

Delete the trigger submit interaction

Step 5:

Add the Triggers given below to the Submit button.

Trigger 1:

Show the layer ‘Correct’ when the learner clicks Submit, only if the numeric entry value is 12 and the True radio button is selected.

Trigger 1

Trigger 2:

Show the layer ‘Incorrect’ when the learner clicks Submit, either if the numeric entry value is not 12 or the True radio button is not selected.

Trigger 2

Publish or preview the course and see the output.

Publish or Preview the Course

This is a simple way to use both True/False and numeric entry fields in a single slide in Articulate storyline.

Hope you found this post useful. Do share your thoughts.

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